FLOT BTC Operations (buy side)

The auction starts at 1,000,000 NSR, valued at ~$2,500.

If we pass the standard motion, we would start with ~2x that. But that’s only because we were so late to the punch on both park rates and auctions.

The standard motion is frozen at 43%.
We need an alternative in case the T4 BTC reserves go down any further.

If the reserves hit 0 in the next two weeks without the standard motion passing or FLOT taking unprecidented action by selling NSR themselves, the peg will indeed suffer. However, I also don’t think that’s likely unless BTC really hits the moon hard very soon. Still 75 days yet till the halvening though.

No need to sell NSR or anything. Just a little BTC rebalancing between the tube and my nubot would be nice :wink:

The buyback calculator now shows

732193.394300 NBT in circulation
Tier 4 buy side funds total 103.355275 BTC, 0.890000 PPC, and $30000.000000, valued $78409.971176 (167.406745 BTC)
167.462176 - 298.795895 = -131.333719 BTC in the share buyback pool.

We are 50BTC better than last saturdday,

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Right, but 30 BTC are from decommissioning my gateway.

So that’s not really structural improvement.

I don’t say, that we need to sell NSR now.
I want to raise awareness for the fact that we might come into a situation, in which the motion to regulate NSR auctions doesn’t trigger an NSR sale, the standard motion isn’t in place and FLOT should sell NSR to support the peg.
If we start discussing that only when in fact action would be needed, it brings the peg in severe danger.

Saying that they “will be restarted at one million NSR in the case that interest rates are offered continuously for 30 days” doesn’t imply thay can’t be started earlier.
This motion explains when to continue NSR sale, but in a not exclusive way - other circumstances could trigger a sale as well.

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Right, There is not much actual improvement. Current pool amount doesn’t reflect liquidity situation.

Shutting down a service is definitely a significant change and is properly reflected in the buyback calculation.

verified and signed and broadcast: Txid: f2889956afb904d4970edfb564fadca8899250e96b825eb9e96f8e9d2a4b2e06

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13.2 BTC to @zoro’s Poloniex gateway complete:


4.31 BTC (at 464 USD/BTC eq $2,000) to Cybnate’s Poloniex gateway

stuck here:

@Cybnate, how’s the balance of the gateway? PyBot unfortunately doesn’t report T2, right?

@cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @mhps, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle, wanna sign the deposit to @Cybnate’s Poloniex gateway (if @Cybnate indicates need for it) now that the FLOT T4 address has 45 BTC left?

I ll sign it if cybnate indicates a need for it.

All funds $4,200 are on sell side again with $2,000 on T1

BTC market is volatile, but I think the buy side funds are useful at least right now. Please let me know if I need to transfer back NBT as the total funds I have are relatively low and the swings are high. I can only transfer out $2,000/day due to account limitations on Poloniex.

I agree that having some buffer for high swings is useful. A total of $6,000 or the equivalent of 3 day withdrawals to empty the account seems reasonable.
Please remind me - the offset of your PyBot is 0.007, right?

Verified and signed:


Just looked at Alix and total network liquidity seems pretty much bang on 50/50% so this is probaly not needed but I’l sign it anyway, having 4 BTC extra on buy side can’t hurt.

Signed 4 of 5-of-8



alix buy is near 40%. signed and broadcasted

The 13.2 BTC to @zoro’s gateway are still unconfirmed: Blockchain.com Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

ieks - from:

withdraw 2.4196 BTC to FLOT , txid:0d4727ed3b366c39cea82bcece7e6a63aa57db372628624aba5d9762f2bc5723


My nubot is empty from BTC. I found it very strange since nulagoon and ALP are operational in buy side!
I guess it is another wrong price feed issue!

BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo" : {
“buy” : 47.2881,
“sell” : 19687.1198

Very likely indeed.
Otherwise - how often do you restart your NuBot?