FinCEN fines Ripple

Can that be of any importance to us as well? Will the B&C project actually be officially registered?

As for Nu, there is no company / person behind it who could register or be fined because it’s decentralized.

Like @willy said, there’s no registered company behind Nu and there will be no one behind B&C from what I gather from its design document.
There are no people that can be tracked down easily as well.

As there’s no registered company, which jurisdiction shall be responsible?
Which national law can be applied to a company that is not bound to a nation?

If you are afraid of nasty governmental things going on, you might visit this topic from time to time:

Unless some countries restrict using e.g. NBT, there’s no way to effectively limit the operation of Nu.
If using NBT is outlawed, shops can’t accept them as payment, payment gateways need to restrict access for users from these countries, if any laws force them to do that.
So there might be ways to limit the success of Nu.

But those trying to sue Nu or its owners will have a hard time :wink: