FBI Report 2014 about criminal online activity

As I am a member of the Nu Community, I thought I post it here as probably everyone knows Peercoin as well.
For my studies I have to read the 2014 FBI report about criminal online activity and found out that JordanLee is quite famous :stuck_out_tongue:

Popular Virtual Currency Schemes
In 2014, virtual currency schemes reported to the IC3 more than doubled from the previous year. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin, just to name a few, are popular types of virtual currencies, also known as Crypto- Currency, which can be used as an accepted form of payment at many online businesses. As this type of currency becomes more popular, criminals have comprised new ways of capitalizing on this market, bilking millions of dollars from victims around the globe.

@JordanLee the FBI is watching you! :smile:

What do u mean?

Well, I found it interesting that they name Peercoin in that very short list of examples. Just saying, little joke maybe… :wink:
It’s not like they took the first three from coinmarketcap.com, right? Just asking myself why they come up with Peercoin. The report has been written in 2015.

propably FBI referring to ilicit ponzi schemes using crypto currencies. nothing new :smile:
coins’ creators are not to blame here :wink:

edit: jordan lee is not working for peercoin but for nubits!

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erm, didn’t he work for Peercoin? Am I totally wrong here or what? Excuse me then.

He contributed some stuff, cough Peershares, so you’re right.

yes, I am totally not connecting Jordan to any criminal activity :wink: As I said before, just an interesting fact that they mention Peercoin rather than Darkcoin or Ripple or Dogecoin… Maybe I find it more interesting than you guys, that’s fine! :slight_smile:

Maybe FBI should go to the roof top and shout to the world - We are interested in Peercoin ! That might give Peercoin’s minting node rate some boost.

Not sure Sunny King, Peercoin’s creator, would be happy about it tho.

And the Peerunity client.

Implying that JordanLee is not Sunny King (violent coughing).