Exchange Listing



I representing an upcoming and ambitious exchange. I have been trying to reach the team through the official email, but with no success. If this project is still active, please respond to that mail or contact me through here. I have been following your project for over a year and believe that the concept is fundamentally sound.

We wish to discuss a possible listing on our exchange.

Torjus Gaaren
Chief Analytics Officer


I can’t believe how difficult it is to contact the Nubits team. Anyone wish to take charge? We are really keen on listing this project, but after having tried for weeks, patience is running thin…


Hi @torjusg

First of all, allow me to apologise for the lack of communication. The official email account isn’t accessible to the entire team and it seems it’s monitoring isn’t as active as it should be, similarly the monitoring of the forum. Apologies
We would be very interested in opening communications about a possible listing on your exchange. Do you have further details about what such a listing would entail?
Thank you



We wish to list NSR and NBT and possibly after the market has stabilized possibly make NBT one of our primary stablecoins. In order to fill our orderbooks we require to buy a large OTC order around 125k USD of NSR from you. We will additionally provide buy side liquidity upon listing.

It is needed to discuss a potential delisting of NBT from Bittrex as part of the deal. The reasons are several, but primarily potential difficulties in stabilizing the market with such a volume asymmetry between NBT and NSR.

Please contact me through private message or via the mail I sent, so we can discuss things properly. :slightly_smiling_face: