Embedding Gitter into Nu's Forum Using Gitter Sidecar

Hey, I just found out that it is possible to embed Nu’s chat room into a website using something called Gitter Sidecar. Check out this example page…


Notice in the bottom right corner of the screen there is a small “Open Chat” tab. Clicking it will allow the Gitter chat room to slide out from the right side of the screen. Is it possible to implement this tab into the existing forum, so we won’t have to click on a separate link to visit the chat?


I’m aware of it. I haven’t had a chance to throw some code together and test, but it looks promising.


Okay I’ve added it. It will need some css tweaks but I can do that over time. It doesn’t seem to break anything at the moment. Let me know if it’s mucking things up for anyone and I can turn it off and do more testing.


Just tested it, seems to work ok for me. Nice job! :wink:

I found a couple of issues but I fixed it by making sure the chat window will show up in front of everything. Let’s see how this goes.

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Would it make sense to create a gitter room with a name that makes clear, this room is embedded in the forum here - something like “NuNetwork/NuForumEmbedded” and link to that?

Composing posts and the embedded chat don’t work well with each other.
If the chat is open, it doesn’t get shrunk. If you close it and try to open it again (hoping for an adjusted size), you can’t reach the "open chat"button.

Looks much better now!

I feel like having one general chat is better but if having a “forum chat” is desired by the community we can create it. It just splits things up into even more rooms that people have to monitor.

I see you edited your second comment so I’m guessing the z-index change I made fixed it? There will probably be some other issues but we’ll smooth them out over time.

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What Nu related color should we make the tab?

Oh and I will eventually move the “open chat” button from it’s current location because it sorta fights for space with the blue navigation thing, but I don’t have the time to tool around with it right now.

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Good point. I withdraw my proposal.

It fixed what I was complaining about, yes!

Hidden on mobile, but I’m excited to take a look at it on my desktop later tonight.

Good job @CoinGame!

Yes it’s not on the mobile header html yet, but from what I saw on their website it should work really well on mobile too.

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I made it NuShares red. I like the way it pops. What do you all think?

Sweet find, @Sentinelrv! I don’t see it right now, but on the demo site it looks great.


Turns out uBlock blocked it for me.

I tried enabling it on mobile but it seemed to break the site. The chat loaded and worked fine, but that was it. No threads. So that’s going to need some more testing, but it should be workable at some point.

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how about save the chating history?

As far as I know, the chat history is already saved through Gitter.

There’s no way to do a full dump of the history, but it stores all of the chat history. If you scroll up you’ll see it goes all the way back to May 6th when I created the room. If you click the expand icon which takes you to the main chat page you’ll see it has search and many other options. The embedded chat window is limited in the features compared to the main site.