Easiest way to play a sound effect when a block is minted?

Does anyone have some shellscript or ideas how to quickly and easily implement a program/script that would play a sound effect when either nud or bcexchanged has found a new block (ignoring stales/orphans).

Should the script poll the wallet for new incoming TXs or should it monitor the debug.log file for some specific strings?

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Monitor debug.log and look for string “new block”, then text to speech “Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?”

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I’d be happy with just aplay and a wav file of my choice.


you can probably use blocknotify in your conf file.

just add blocknotify=<script name> in your conf file to a script that plays a sound.

I think he only wants to hear his own blocks.

ohhhh… then ignore me… here’s a cat :cat:

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Cat confirmed


But what about walletnotify=<script name>?

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i’m not sure if that works with block reward transactions, but he could test it.

ok this sounds more plausible than blocknotify. will investigate

Here’s some partly pseudo code for a blocknotify script (in case walletnotify doesn’t work) to start with:

if [ ! -f tx_id_old ]; then
        touch tx_id_old
        tx_id_old=$(cat tx_id_old)
        tx_id_new=$(nud listtransactions | tail -n 4 | head -n 1 | awk -F':' '{print $2}')
        if [ "$tx_id_old" == "$tx_id_new" ]; then
#               <execute play sound file script>

Here’s what I came up with.

nu.conf file:




#Only if current time is more than `first_active_hour` audio will be played. This is to be quiet during the night.

snd=$(( ( RANDOM % 3 )  + 1 ))
hour=`date +%H`

test "$hour" -gt "$first_active_hour" && (timeout --signal=SIGKILL 5s aplay -q "$sfx_path")

exit 0

This worked with blocknotify, played the sound and all, but I haven’t yet managed to find a block so I don’t know if it works with walletnotify.

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When this is done and figured you could make a gist and we can link it from the raspi tutorial :wink:

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TIP: if somebody is doing this under MacOS, there is no need to play a wav file, you could execute something like

$ say You minted a new block, congrats

Just reporting that walletnotify seems to do the job very well. I’m still downloading the block chain from scratch but I am constantly hearing this sound effect already, probably because the node receives blocks that include transactions to my wallet that I have minted in the past.