[Draft] Support NuLagoon Tube To Add an ETH/USNBT Trading Pair

Dear NuShareHolders,

We would like to present this idea to you to evaluate. Base the experience of last proposal, we think its better to begin discussion before all the details formed.

What NuShareholders pay:

  • 20,000 NBT to NuLagoon

What NuShareholders get:

  • An ETH/USNBT Trading Pair on NuLagoon Tube with tight spread

  • Half of trading fee,which will be set at 0.2% when the operation begin, untill the 20,000 NBT is recouped.

Please tell us if you support this motion, or what you want to add or revise to supoort this motion. No hurry. Just take your time.

Thank you.


Very interesting. Providing liquidity to ETH/NBT should bring revenues to Nu.

how these funds will be used exactly?
to fill the eth/usnbt walls?
what about the funds from NuLagoon pools?
what about your payment in order to implement this?
sorry for all these questions :slight_smile:

If the end result is a ETH-USNBT trading pair with no ongoing cost liabilities to the network (beyond the initial 20,000 NBT loan to NuLagoon), I am in favor of this motion.

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What will be the method of choosing the price feed? How many $$ will NuLagoon hold in eth? NuLagoonETHTube buy side cannot be replenished by T4, so I worry about what happens when NuLagoon runs out of ETH.