**Draft** proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet v0.2

Dear shareholders and community members,

I’m glad to publish a revised proposal for the long expected development of an Android client for NuBits after a few roadblocks have been taken away. This is a revised proposal based on the proposal and the discussion which can be found here: **Draft** proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet

The revised proposal is still ‘draft’ as I would appreciate a further discussion and feedback from this community about the proposal before voting takes place. I suggest to leave it open for comment during the next 3 days (till Saturday). After that I will consolidate all the comments into a final proposal and republish that soon thereafter allowing voting to occur.

Gist of proposal
My proposal is detailed on a private Gist on my Github account here: https://gist.github.com/Cybnate/dcc3cd4f682754314486. This was done in order to make the community aware if any changes made to the document (through the version control system), and in order for an easier review by Shareholders. If amendments to this draft proposal are required, I will clearly call them out within this topic and changes made can be made visible in gist.

The gist contains all the details around the goals, justification, delivery, the custodian, hosting terms, the detailed functionality of the app and license. The underpinning draft contract with the Developer subject to changes can be obtained by email (PDF) by sending me a PM. A review of the contract has taken place.

Overview of grant:

Custodian: Cybnate
Proposal: Development of NuBits Android wallet
Submission Date: TBC
Requested Grant Amount: 3650 NBT
Custodial Fee: 300 NBT
NuBits Grant Address: To be published with final proposal
Vote Amount: 3950 NBT

Functionality highlights

  • Conversion to fiat currencies
  • Addressbook
  • Sending and receiving of NBT via NFC or QR codes
  • Generate new addresses
  • Notification on reception of coins
  • It comes with a simple NuBits blockexplorer also available via any browser
    Further details can be found at the bottom of the gist.

The custodial grant (3,950 NBT) has increased since the last draft (v0.1) for the following reasons:

  • The Development requires more work than initially estimated in ball-park (now 3,200 NBT)
  • The previous draft proposal didn’t include the ongoing cost of hosting for 18 months (450 NBT)
  • The amount of work required for hosting was not included (now 300 NBT)
    More details about these services can be found in the gist.

The team have worked with the Developer in the last weeks to provide the relevant details regarding specific NuBits properties. The Developer and I are satisfied with the information provided and the opportunity to ask further questions if required for this development. This will significantly reduce the risk on delays or non-delivery. With that this proposal is no longer dependant on the open sourcing of NuNet.

The proposed port of the Android client is straightforward. I have deliberately chosen not to include bells and whistles or other functionality beyond what is now available for the Peercoin Android wallet. This in an effort to get a working port in the hands of the users as quickly as possible and build further from there on. I envisage a follow-up grant proposal for additional functionality after the successful delivery of the Android client.

Here is the -out of scope- wish list:

  • Support for park functionality
  • Passphrase / PINcode when sending coins
  • Increasing robustness/availability by adding fail-over solution
  • Full integration between website, forum and wallet (links and visuals)
  • Add compatibility with Orbot (socks setting) so you may connect via Tor even without rooting
  • Cold storage spending (importing QR code of private key)
  • Improve performance of app on slower devices

Later I may also look into the provision of an iOS version of this App if there is enough interest after successful delivery of the Android App. This can’t be done by developer Matthew so we are looking for an offer from another developer.

On request developer Matthew offered to build a test environment for an additional 800 NBT. I’ve left this out of scope as I thought this to be better out for competition. Hoping that some devs may pick this up with a better offer when it is released and the source code is published. But open for discussion. We can still take Matthew’s offer.

Looking forward to your feedback on this proposal.


I am impressed by the quality of this proposal and how it evolved from v1. This is a notable way to show to prospect custodians what is the level shareholders will look at.
I read the gist and do not have anything else to add. Can’t wait to have nubits in my pocket.

Wonderful job Cybnate. I read your proposal cover to cover and it is very comprehensive.

My only request would be to find out how much adding password/PINcode protection to the source code would cost. I view that as a critical part of any mobile payment platform, above all other “out of scope wish list” items above.

Really looking forward to using this wallet one day!

Apparently in the upstream the pin is available since v4.06 , should be indeed added to requirements .


Good to see some enthusiasm for this.

Interesting indeed, have asked Matthew to comment. It is indeed a nice feature to have, however the log says nothing about how it was implemented. Is it just a PIN overlay or is the wallet encrypted by default and only decrypted with the pin?

This proposal is great!
It brings Nu closer to an app for Android. This is what Nu needs right now to extend the adoption from hedging and doing arbitrage at exchanges to people out there in the world.

Morning Cybnate.
Very nice and detailed proposal. The price seems fair for the work outlined.
My only question would be to do with continued support and upgrades. A recent upgrade to the Bitcoin ‘Schildbach’ wallet has changed the interface quite a bit and it seems to be using HD keys to generate a new address each time the wallet is opened. Do you know if Matthew plans to pull these changes into the Peercoin wallet, and then potentially into the NuBits wallet?
Other than that my concern is around the lack of fail over solution for the hosting element of the wallet. That is something out-side of the scope of this proposal though and can be looked at once the wallet is up and running as mirroring a server to have on standby shouldn’t be too difficult.
Well done on the proposal. I’m really looking forward to a pocket full of Nu too.

Thanks @masterOfDisaster and @woolly_sammoth.

I noticed the recent updates in the Bitcoin wallet when @desrever pointed me to them. The idea in this proposal was keep it simple and to take the Peercoin Android wallet as is and turn it into a Nubits Android wallet. That is simple and less risks on issues with testing as Peercoin community already did the work. Will check with Matthew what the impact is on this proposal, if any, to add upstream functionality.

Regarding fail-over, I left it out as I really want to see what the actual usage is in e.g. the first 6-8 weeks. When it is a big hit, I suspect we can justify additional investments. When there is strong competition we can just continue to run low-cost. There will be a backup image anyway and it is unusual for a cloud service not being able to deliver their services.

Thanks for the quick replies @Cybnate. I agree that it’s best to keep everything as simple as possible at this stage.
It speaks for the quality of your proposal that the only comments I could make were pure speculation about future potentials.


Just to let you know:

  • Matthew have offered to reduce the price for the optional testnet version from 800 NBT to 700 NBT as a listing on Google Apps would not be required.
  • Will put the proposal up for voting within the next 24h if there are no further comments requiring discussion or amendments
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The proposal is now up for voting. Please check it out in this thread: Proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet - Final version now available