Does the blockchain have to be complete up to date to send coins?

Because the linux client only works at 3kbs it quickly falls behind, i just want to send some coins i have into shapeshift but it says that i didnt make a deposit yet even though i sent coins, now my client says i dont have any coins left if i try to send again but its still showing the original balance. Where are my coins did my client send them or not?

depsoit address

If you dont have a synced blockchain you might want to check a block explorer.

I remember you can send coin with an unsync’ed client. The network will process your tx if there is enough fund in the paying address/output and tx fee.

You can also do it with cointoolkit I think, if you have the priv key.

in your case your wallet thinks you have already sent the coin. If the network doesn;t process your tx, you can have the client to display the fund again with -rescan. but you need to sync first for that.

whoa hold on, you mean there is a way to send and recieve nubits without using the buggy nubits wallet? where is this cointoolkit?

Be careful. Test before you transfer significant fund. With low level power tools you could send all the changes to transaction fee.

You don’t need to do anything to receive coins in your address. The network does it for you.

This says transaction broadcasting isnt available for nubits, so this doesnt allow you to send coins. Waste.

Nubits tx’es have been broadcasted many times using cointoolkit in this thread FLOT US-NBT Operations (sell side)