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It is pathetic to see these fake profiles trying to pump again this scam coin. Pascal and Julien the creators of this bullshit coin still behind this crap!
I gonna make you pay for easy way hard way. i lost my money you will loose more! I gonna start to load those videos on top websites in JAPAN!
You will get what you deserve boy !

@kevim I can’t vouch for any of the other profiles (including yours) but I can assure you that my profile is not fake. I’m quite well known in crypto circles and everything that has been written here about a deal I made to buy NSR in exchange for buying and burning NBT is as it has been stated.


You are incredibly misinformed. Cryptog and Cryoto_coiner were from Peercoin, the community where the Nu project was originally organized by Jordan Lee. These two bought into Nu as shareholders just like everyone else and they became activists for the project, sometimes appearing in interviews. They did not start the project or invent Nu. Jordan Lee is responsible for that. They definitely did not control the Jordan Lee account either. Based on all the posts I’ve read from them over the years, they have completely different personalities from Jordan.


Bla Bla Bla ! ( ITS PATHETIC!) Jordan Lee its a fake profile! Pascal and Julien created this profile to blame, check those videos on youtube i explained everything there. ( Pascal assume Jordan lee is fake) You , jordan lee, esko its all fake ! They setup this ponzi scheme to walk way and blame this Jordan Lee! You guys can make everyone stupid no me ! its no fair you guys do this, people must to know who you are ! Like i said, i dont care to everyone else believe on your liars, i care to myself. I can remove those videos.Its Simple!

Can we please stay on topic or else open another thread to discuss profiles? Thanks.

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@kevim Apart from being off topic, why do you even care and why should anyone else care about these personalities? Your comments read like some sort of stupid gossip column. The blockchain exists, it does what it does. You can examine the blocks and the code and find out what it is doing at all times. The tokens trade for a price you can either buy or sell (or neither). This is what cryptocurrencies are about, it is not Real Housewives of Crypto Beach. Whether you are right or wrong, until you can manage to ground yourself and your assertions in the system as it exists today, you are also boring to those of us who truly don’t care.

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You wrong! Of course people care for this personalities! People wants to know who is behind of this Ponzi Scheme ! Its a crime going on here ! people lost money and i proof and show to the word . They made this scam to still peoples money and walk way. Block chain its dosent matter, anyone can build it in your pc. Nubits always been a ponzi scheme scam ico without team behind. Pascal and Julian soon or later will face the reality. My goal is to expose them to the word and i dont care for your opinion.

@kevim It seems to me you have pretty well ‘exposed’ what you claim to be the case already, but only to a few people here who are reading these threads (albeit off topic ones). We have the ‘information’, any investments are made after that can be considered fully informed and people who lose money knew the risks they were taking and are adults responsible for their own actions, right?

If you are really interested in exposing ‘to the world’ then go out and do so. The world is not here, only a few community members of one small blockchain, all of whom have already digested what you have to say, repeating it over and over helps no one and simply makes you look deranged, even to the point of undercutting any validity your claims may have. Unless you have something new (which I doubt)…

I already did, i made videos and put on youtube to show there faces to the word. I came here just to warning some fake profiles who pretend keep to making people stupid. I got a lot e-maisl from people watched my videos and thank me for my action. Also this is a forum for all investors or anyone else. So your opinion dosent matter and i will come back here anytime i want !

Moved all profile related items to this new thread.
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Can you post the links to your videos?

This video proof everthing! on 2 min, the guy ask them who is the founder of nubits??," julian answer, he get nevous, start to shaking, get scare, he lost his words, he dosent know what to say, he dosent know who is Jordan Lee take look on Pascal scare eyes " ( The founder is probably someone call Jordan Lee! We dont know for sure, could be group of people bla bla bla!) Its pathetic!

This video is pathetic… lol

It is typical for people who have lost money in whatever it is to not take responsibility for the risk involved and call things a ponzi or scam.

  1. Use risk management. Never all your eggs in one basket. Nothing is for sure.
  2. It is a bit hard when breaking new ground to foresee every event. Nubits is the first decentralised stablecoin and as is typical of decentralised projects, the lack of focus on business can be detrimental in the long run. However, it is still active and there are things in the pipeline to remedy past problems.

Grow up and assume responsibility please.

People with bad intention give your answer. You must be one of them. Julian or Pascal. Loose money trading is normal, now loose money on scam its crime. Is the same thing to buy a car after 3 days the car overheat and breaks, you call to the company who sold you the bad car to complain to ask return and the company say the car broke because you dont know how drive. You opinion is irrelevant. I dont care, the videos its to proof this was scam and show who is behind of this and i did !

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Who is behind nubits ?? Are they a real people or virtual profiles?
Who is the founders of this Project?
Where is the office of this crypto ? Does anyone has any address?? location ?

You should understand that back in the days it was considered okay to be anonymous for team members in crypto. Some of them are public now, others are non-public still. It is a decentralised project, so the team members have probably never met eachother even.

If you are doing due diligence, then you should probably look through the forum history here and search bitcointalk.

There is so much unreasonable paranoia in crypto, especially amongst newcomers. However, that a scam would survive all the way since 2014 is extremely unlikely. There would have been too many opportunities to cash out and risk of litigation is too large if one repeats the procedure.

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