Did anyone else have a NSR withdrawal problem from poloniex?

Two days ago I tried to withdraw some nushares from poloniex, the site tells me that the transaction was done and even gave me a txn id!
However, blockexplorer.nu have no idea about that transaction and I just cant be sure where is the problem.
I tried to contact poloniex but no answer until the moment.

blockexplorer.nu out of new block for 4 days, please check balance from your nud client

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Good to know, I have no access to a dsl these days and downloading the BlockChain on 3g is not logical so I had to rely on the Explorer.

There are two more blockexplorers I’m aware of:
https://explorer.coinpayments.net/index.php?chain=17 and

Unfortunately they are not linked in the top menu of the forum and have only been linked here:


They seem to only work for Nubits not nushares addresses

Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of that, but indeed I only used them for NBT related searches.

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