Deleting discussions has not began just renaming

How soon will you start banning people?

What has been deleted?

At least one thread about 10 cent peg instead of being marked withdrawn got deleted together with all posts.

The 10 cent one was just renamed to “Temporarily cap NBT supply with full reserve”. It still contains all posts. Luckily @phoenix has no moderator rights so he would need to login as JL to make changes to other people’s post, which is why I am not very concerned so far.

However, we can always set up an external archiver if required, so its good that you are looking for those incidents.

Thanks. I apologise, thread dorsal exist albeit under different name.

Maybe you want to edit the title to (false alarm)?

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I have already)

I renamed it because I withdrew one of three motions presented in the thread. The new title refers only to the two motions still up for voting. Sorry if that alarmed you.


I’ve removed all moderator/admin rights on the old JordanLee account after the disappearance. Furthermore, regarding deleting discussions: we don’t. I’ve kept a very hands off approach to moderation on the forum. Even when the discourse has become lowered in quality.

Only recently have more actions been taken to remove posts that were just troll accounts spamming off topic nonsense, or curt responses like “fuck you”. It’s a fine remark to make if the individual is willing to expound on that thought, but I don’t really care much for one offs like that and they will be removed.

Other than that though I’ve think we’ve been very liberal on postings in these very testy times, and we do not remove content outside what I’ve mentioned above. I will continue to evaluate and revise that strategy as things evolve but I just wanted to clarify.


I really have to acknowledge that, because there were many posts where other moderators would have reacted differently. Especially in this phase right now you are doing a really good job. The removals you mention would probably be considered as spam by most readers.

This is interesting, can you give an exact date? The last time he logged in was June 12th, correct? When did you revoke his rights? Maybe it falls together with the mysterious appearance of new forum accounts.


June 19th

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No need to do that even, unless from one-post IDs. Comments like that cuts both ways. Probably hurt the poster more. If they know someone will clean up after them, they will hesitate less.