Debts and uncollected liabilities to Nu

Nu has suffered from lost funds over the years. Do you know the details for them? Please post. There’s CCEDK, Excoin, Bter, FLOT, and @masterOfDisaster. I know nothing regarding Excoin and Bter.

What can we do about these? Are there others?


@ronny at CCEDK has repaid 10,645.72 US-NBT of the 33,989.07 US-NBT debt.



Multisig #1
303,357.4886 US-NBT

Members of FLOT US-NBT can sign the transaction to return these funds to shareholder control or burn them to directly remove them from the network.


64,344,685 NSR

5,940,000 NSR


13 BTC by my recollection, but I’ve seen 9 BTC stated. Please send these funds to 17owruzTRANDYwCq77bSABQLXBxx3QaCea (Nu BTC jooize). They belong in liquidity operations at Nu.

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In February 2015 Excoin and BTER both defaulted on shareholder deposits. There is a BTER account controlled by @jmiller that contains a large number of BTC IOU’s. Records from the forum should have details @jmiller please hand this account over to liquidity operations. You can reach me at Bitmessage BM-2cU99iZPcZ4AJUCzU2G797SNc9aRkLkyL9.

masterOfDisaster hasn’t been seen here or Peercoin since July. I doubt he will see your message here, unless the forum gave you his email address.

It is very obvious he is @ConfusedObserver.


While I can’t be certain, I agree. @ConfusedObserver would you tell us why you are hesitating to return the 13 BTC that belongs to NuShare holders? It would reduce NuShare sales quite a bit. We need it.

I can be certain and I disagree.
You’ve chosen the wrong addressee for your request.