DASH, we should learn from it


DASH Active nodes are 4274, 2/3 of bitcoin!

@Phoenix, are you ready to launch Hayek coin? Hayek type of money is our chance.

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What specifically are you suggesting we should learn from them?

DASH has certainly learned a lot from us, where they are the most economically successful Peershare. They replicated our proof-of-stake custodial grant mechanisms some time ago. I’m sure @JordanLee is proud of the major impact of his work.

Do we have any investors willing to fund the launch of a Hayek coin?

One reason DASH has been successful is its advanced privacy features. Nu can offer advanced privacy features, and it should do so. I favor the techniques used in CryptoNote, which Monero (XMR) uses. Once again, we need funding to implement it.

Contact me by PM, email (phoenixnubits@tutanota.com) or Bitmessage at BM-2cU99iZPcZ4AJUCzU2G797SNc9aRkLkyL9 to explore either possibility if you are interested. Probably merely making large open market purchases of NSR would be enough to see both of these projects funded. Basically, we need the NSR price high enough that it doesn’t result in an excess dilution to fund these initiatives. The higher the NSR price is, the more confident we can be the value added by the new product or feature is greater than the cost in dilution.

I can’t sell liquidity operations NSR to fund these projects. However, I can work with large investors to craft a tentative deal that we present to NuShare holders for a blockchain vote.


While further research would need to be done to establish a good estimate of the cost for implementing Monero-like private transactions and a Hayek currency, I suspect we would need to have voting NuShares selling for between $5 and $10, where they are currently selling for $1.50. Of course, one year ago voting NSR was much higher than $10, so it is certainly possible.

Nu has serious problems such as low value transfer efficiency between NBT and NSR(less than 30%), lack of revenue(not sustainable), and hated by central bank haters because of pegging to FIAT face value(bad economics theory), while DASH has none of them.

If you bind everything to the heavily flawed Nu, you can not get out of trouble. Every trial will fail due to Nu’s cumbrance just as B&C.

Well, that is a very pessimistic view of Nu’s prospects. There have always been concerns and objections, most of which have proven false.

I don’t believe the differences between NSR sale price and NSR buyback price are that important, because chances are that NSR sales will be rare. The recent NSR sales are the result of some stunning authoritarian misconduct of some of our custodians that chased almost all of our customers away by cheating them in a way that benefited no one (including the authoritarian custodians). That is a really exceptional situation. We understand what happened and why. Shareholders have really prioritized making sure this doesn’t happen again.

Furthermore, differences between the NSR sale price and the NSR buyback price will encourage liquidity (the difference is a phenomena similar to arbitrage), which reduces the price difference. We have already seen liquidity in NSR increase many fold.

There are so many grumpy people who want to say that just because Nu isn’t all grown up and mature already, it can’t succeed. They are looking for a magical solution that is mature and fully developed on day 1. Well, it doesn’t work that way folks. This is a process, like a child growing into an adult. Don’t condemn a child for not having the capabilities of an adult. Instead, nurture the child and give it time to reach its potential.

I will remind everyone, and especially B&C Exchange shareholders (@Sabreiib has publicly declared he is a large BlockShare holder), that unless Nu experiences modest success, it appears B&C Exchange will not be successful. People can come on the forum and voice their concerns about what we have built, but defaming Nu will certainly lower the value of BlockShares and the prospects for B&C Exchange. This would be especially unfortunate and destructive if the objections were not firmly founded, as most are not.

A valuable metric and methodology we’ve got out of this is when and how to actually sell NuShares. It might have been difficult to determine beforehand, and now we have yet another piece of Nu’s machinery established. That should help with market support in any future decline of demand assuming we explain the dynamic well enough.

At first, you need to prove your Nu’s model is sustainable, then investors dare to invest into your new projects, otherwise, B&C is the bad example. You just cannot replenish money into Nu’s dark hole with endlessly new projects ICO, I don’t think there are so many stupid investors on market.

Nu first or B&C first? Will B&C save Nu or Nu save B&C? My opinion is Nu cannot live without B&C’s help, so B&C must be the first target. If you have no fund, just begin to write source code by yourself, this is the only way to save Nu.

@phoenix You need to improve your IQ, although you understand there is price gap between NSR price @buyback and @sale, you don’t care it and hope people to “arbitrage” between the prices. Indeed some people will earn money in this way, but majority of NSR holders will suffer because there must be some people to pay the expenditure.And there is tragedy of commons in your liquidity engine as I explained before. And many smart speculators will not buy a kind of crypto without quantity upper limit at all, the NSR price can be lower and lower as you continuously changing the unit from X1000 to X1000,000.

And you think the inflated value of NBT as FIAT can save you some expenditure, but this trick is already well known to the public because governments have played for hundreds of years, you can get a little benefit, but lose the large potential customers, so I don’t think you are smart because you have no nuclear warhead/tanks.

I’ve spent more than two years here to suggest, today I still cannot find enough common view here. I think my invest on B&C has been completely lost, and won’t waste my energy any more. My time is also money.

No, it s time you do it yourself – it is time people fork and experiment the Nu blueprint , with as many new leaders as possible.


And who’s fault is that?

Please direct me to the motion that approved you turning roughly 900+ B&C Exchange Bitcoins into Nubits.

You are a liar and charlatan and everyone on this goddamn forum that’s been here the past 2/3 years knows this.

You are completely and solely responsible for the failure of the B&C exchange project, you gambled the complete development fund on the stability of Nubits. If those funds had stayed in Bitcoin the development fund would be up in value over 400% and B&C could buy back every share for triple the ICO price and still have enough funds to finish development.

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I would guess your anger at me is due to your own feelings of guilt due to your central role in halting progress on B&C and abandoning the peg. I would still like an explanation for why you did it. The simple fact is I played absolutely no role in the peg break nor the unlawful defunding of B&C. I had control of no funds, unlike yourself.

Anyway, you will have to live with the knowledge that you broke NuLaw and civil contract law in a way that destroyed millions in equity and broke up our once large community. It was destructive. By the way, are you American?

It’s sickening how you try to manipulate unknowing people coming onto this board trying to lure them into your Ponzi scheme.

Don’t change the subject, we asked what gave you the authority to transfer the whole B&C Dev fund into Nubits. Point me to a passed motion that allowed you to do this and prove me wrong.

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Hey Phoenix, your buddy @henry stole my BlockShares. You gonna ban some addresses for me and print some more? I highly doubt it.

And @Dhume is absolutely correct. All you do is deflect when that question is brought up. You have never once addressed it because you can’t without looking like a scammer.

@Dhume Why don’t you fork and create NuBits 2 with a complete different name?

I’ve invested B&C as much as you do.

It’s B&C’s 900 BTC made Nu’s life one year longer, otherwise, the Nu’s crisis comes earlier. Nu’s model has serious problems, day dreaming Nu’s rebirth based on current poor design is ridiculous. Many people pointed out the imbalance of Parking mechanism and lack of revenue. It’s not fully @Jordan’s fault, some other shareholders are also wrong on these issues.

Look how many NSR sold on exchanges now, I guess it’s robot behavior, @jooize, in fact no real person buys NSR every day, isn’t it? I’m curious how many stupid speculators would like to become milk cows(NSR buyers) of this stupid system.