Dash + Nubits forum invitation

This is a cross-crypto-forum post. I’m hoping some of you will come over and possibly join the discussions. I’m doing this because I think (hope) there might be some synergy. Here are some key aspect of both cryptos…

Nubits https://discuss.nubits.com/

Pegged to the US dollar and has a good track record of maintaining that peg. More pegs to come, including euro, yuan and SDR.

Dash https://dashtalk.org/forums/general-discussion.2/

Has a second tier network of more than 3400 “masternodes”. These are full nodes providing network services, such as instant transactions and mixing (soon to be at the protocol level)

Dash also has a budget and governance system for projects, seminars, marketing etc. For example, they were able to get reimbursement from the blockchain for securing the domain “dash.org

Does nubits want instant and private transactions? Does dash want a wallet to lock funds into US dollars, euros etc? Yes and Yes.

Anyway, one step at a time. I was told that it’s really hard to get cryptos working together… but I think collaboration makes us stronger and a contender to bitcoin. All I ask that we leave our egos at the door and keep an open mind.



Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out for getting contact.

Nu is interested in adopting privacy measurements for its products, which is at the moment solely NBT, pegged to USD. Combining the attributes stable and private sounds good.

That’s a useful prerequisite to get cryptos working together :wink:

We definitely want anonymous and instant txns. Dash has never been our contender, I’m happy to work with y’all. Any concept of the first step, besides 'hello!'s?

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