Daology.org is shutting down on February 28th

On February 28th the daology.org service will be shutting down permanently. Your daology accounts will be accessible until then. We urge anyone interested in keeping their content to login and migrate their proposals and articles elsewhere. We will be notifying all users with a daology account by email in addition to the discourse post.

If you would like the content to stay consistent with their generated hashes you can add /raw to the end their URL to see the raw view of the document, and copy/paste the content into a gist on gist.github.com.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

I’m sad to hear. Any chance to get the source code?

In the future, I envision the Nu client will fetch motion content from a server and verify locally. Nu should have a central collection of motions similar to Daology.

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who is the owner of Daology.org?

We don’t have any intentions to release the source code at this time.

Ben and I are in control of Daology.org and Daology.com.

@CoinGame, is there any chance you can hold off on this? PeerAssets DACs are considering using Daology, but it will still be a few months before anything goes live. Maybe you see no hope for Nu, I can understand that, but if you just hang in there a little longer, you may have a lot more DACs starting to use your service. They will most likely need something like Daology for motions. Or maybe even consider just shutting down temporarily until we’re ready? Is there any chance in that?

I hear you there and I’m really hopeful about the peerassets ecosystem. The thing is that Daology has a lot of problems besides the lack of use. Ben and I do see value in the service, but not in the current implementation. So yea, there is a chance that we relaunch in the future. It depends on a lot of dominoes falling together, but we still think that there’s a lot of value to be provided for digital community governance in general. Not just in the crypto space. This is a good time for us to take all the things we learned from our experiences and hopefully have a better concept that we can rebuild from the ground up if that opportunity opens up.

Though I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.


It is sad to see this go, but understandable. Thanks for having provided this service for free and hope to see you back with an even better site in the near future. I think we are/have been way ahead on the adoption of the digital governance era and providing tools for it.

Anyway I’ve secured a number of my own proposals for future reference here: https://gist.github.com/Cybnate
I’ve added the hashes into the title of the GIST.


We have received a number of public and private requests to reconsider shutting down Daology.org. We understand that Daology has become a useful tool for many within the Nu/B&C community, also with expressed interest as a viable tool for Peercoin and the soon-to-be released PeerAssets implementations.

We would like to take the opportunity to address potentially reversing our decision by discussing terms out in the open, as we always have regarding developments related to Daology.

The website is no longer a focus for @Ben and I, and that will not be changing for the foreseeable future. It’s not a trivial matter to take the source code and spin up a new instance of Daology because so many aspects of the platform are tied into the domain/services that we use. This is additionally challenging because we are absolutely unwilling to give up the domain names associated with the application. The logistics involved with setting up a new instance are not trivial, and it is not possible to decouple the application from the domain in a clean way that would avoid breaking many parts of the site. With our current commitments we don’t have available free or paid time to assist the transition to new ownership.

As you can see it’s not a good solution for any of the parties involved.

All that being said we have discussed some conditions that would enable us to continue running the application with the same level of service and features that we have freely provided the community for the past 18 months:

  • $2500 lump sum payment in BTC
  • $100 per month paid in BTC for operating expenses (first month included in the initial lump fee)

With the initial fee, and monthly payment we can offer the following:

  • Actively maintain and renew the services required to run Daology.org (domain services, mailing services, hosting services, etc.)

  • Add additional organizations and assets to the website at the request of those who are funding the site’s operation during the contracted period.

  • One year guaranteed state of the maintenance contract. We will review our commitments and renegotiate on-going maintenance costs and continuing usage fees, but reserve the right to opt-out of future support. We will begin these negotiations with the community 30 days prior to the end of the 365 day contract.

We are not offering:

  • Any additional development of the platform. We will not fix any bugs, add any additional features, or resolve any issues outside of services related to domain access, mailing services, or hosting.
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I don’t believe the remaining Nu community can afford this service on its own. If anything the cost will need to be distributed across other communities. Just my 2 cents.

Sure, and given that there isn’t much of a response here I think it clarifies that daology is more of a “nice to have” than a “need”. Seeing some financial support for maintaining a service for its existing duration and into the future would have definitely changed that perception, but it is what it is. Hopefully things work out as I hope and we can rebuild daology in the future to what we had originally hoped it could provide, but for now I think it’s best to pull the plug.

@Phoenix, what is your position on this? Do you need Daology’s service for motions?

Download all Daology articles and proposals

curl -o articles.html https://daology.org/articles
grep card_link articles.html | sed -E 's:.*href="([^"]+)".*>(.+)</a></h3>:\1 \2:' > articles

mkdir articles-raw
cat articles | sed -E 's:([^ ]*).*:https\://daology.org\1:' | while read link ; do
    filename=$(echo $link | sed -E 's:^.*/([^/]*)$:\1:')
    curl -o articles-raw/$filename $link/raw

mkdir articles-html
cd articles-html
cat ../articles | sed -E 's:([^ ]*).*:https\://daology.org\1:' | xargs -n 1 curl -O
cd ..

curl -o proposals.html https://daology.org/proposals
grep card_link proposals.html | sed -E 's:.*href="([^"]+)".*>(.+)</a></h3>:\1 \2:' > proposals

mkdir proposals-raw
cat proposals | sed -E 's:([^ ]*).*:https\://daology.org\1:' | while read link ; do
    filename=$(echo $link | sed -E 's:^.*/([^/]*)$:\1:')
    curl -o proposals-raw/$filename $link/raw

mkdir proposals-html
cd proposals-html
cat ../proposals | sed -E 's:([^ ]*).*:https\://daology.org\1:' | xargs -n 1 curl -O
cd ..

for raw in proposals-raw/* ; do
    filename=$(echo $raw | sed -E 's:.*/(.*):\1:')
    hash=$(grep 'meta_text hash' proposals-html/$filename | sed -E 's:.*>([A-Za-z0-9]+).*:\1:')
    if test $hash = 'DRAFT' ; then
        echo $filename DRAFT
        filehash=$(cat $raw | openssl rmd160)
        if test $filehash = $hash ; then
            echo $filename OK
            echo $filehash = $hash
            echo $filename FAIL
            echo $filehash != $hash
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Daology is quite useful to us, and @Ben and @CoinGame have been great, long term contributors to the project. I have been in contact with Ben and CoinGame since this announcement to explore practical ways to keep Daology working for us. We don’t have a deal yet, but negotiations continue.

What do shareholders think we can afford to pay for Daology at this point?

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After discussion, @CoinGame and I don’t see the value for the community with the current interest at the cost to maintain, so we will sunset the product on the 28th as expected.

We appreciate your support and patronage in the past few years and hope to be able to bring a product to market in the future that supports our common goals.

How about broadcasting the motion information in nu’s client? Is it technically difficult?

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I guess a limit on motion size would be necessary in that case, and a way to avoid spam. I first thought of requiring an entry on the blockchain by a shareholder, but doing so might not help. The client would write the hash of the motion into the blockchain like when voting but not count as a vote (or perhaps as 1 vote for simplicity). This requires being a shareholder to publish motions. I’m not sure that’s desirable either.

Using a separate document store it should be easily duplicated and moved. Everyone should have the ability to download all motions, host their own server, and point the Nu client to it. Default would be motions.nubits.com or the like.

Beyond simple display and easy voting, being able to publish via the client is the next step. The interface should be so that grants are always accompanied by a motion for terms of use when applicable. Motions contain agreements, and grants simply provide assets.

It would probably make sense to integrate with the block explorer.

One should become a shareholder at first and then publish a motion.