Dan Larimer has once again resorted to name-calling as a substitute for effective marketing

Title: NuBits is a Ponzi Scheme https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=13246.0

Dan - We’re not going to tarnish our communications by posting an aggressive rebuttal. Whatever shortcomings we privately think are ingrained as flaws in the BitShares design have remained silent out of respect for a fellow competitor in the cryptosphere. One of our core team members, Ben Rossi, expressed diplomatic admiration for BitShares in a recent podcast.

There are several mechanisms planned to reduce the supply of NuBits one day, including variable transaction fees and NBT-for-NSR burning. Many of your own community members in particular have changed their view on NuBits with that last option. We’d love to read about it in your blog sometime, preferably without the “ponzi” label that was clearly included to increase your page views.

We know it must be tempting to take drastic action when your share price is down heavily on the day, after making so many promises to your community. Let’s try and build up an ecosystem together rather than creating sensationalist headlines that don’t contribute in the slightest to our shared goal of digital currency development.

Edit: We see the title has now been changed to “NuBits is structured like a Ponzi Scheme” and continues to ignore our planned supply-reduction mechanisms. It’s clear there is a difference of opinion between our communities on the level of discourse that is appropriate between professional competing projects, so we will cease responding.


I am glad to see that the very same BTSX community is mature enough to show respect for NuBits and invited bytemaster to edit.

Wow the backlash on that post is thick. Really shows the maturity of their community to send that plate back to the kitchen. I know many of them visit our forum and subreddit as well. Let’s keep the discourse cordial and focus on building the best product possible.