Current Proof of Stake Difficulty


A bit of research tells you that Jordan Lee, probably possesses between 150M and 300M shares from the undistributed Nushares, that he must burn within 60days after the NSR custodial grant motion has passed.










Difficulty (PoS) 0.000336


Difficulty: 0.00028028 (been at 0.00027 in last few days) That was the lowest since December 2014!
Slowly climbing now.


Perhaps this: no motions to vote upon and people selling for BKS?

addendum: no crucial motions


There are four grants up for voting (one for NSR), I would expect higher participation. Bit disappointing…


I wonder what the frequency voting could do here.
I mean, a part of the not mining NSR could be in the hands of holders

  • who don’t follow the development and votings closely
  • who don’t want to register a data feed (to fight voting centralization)
  • who are aware that minting without configured votes is voting against everything
  • who rather waive the minting reward than sabotage voting
  • who rely on the active minters and on their vote

For those who fit into this category (especially the last bullet point is important) frequency voting could help them turn on the mining, increase the overall network security and avoid drawbacks of not configuring votes.


I think many are in the 5th but I dont understand the 4th.


I mean NSR holders who are not greedy enough to mint no matter what, e.g. no matter that they are too lazy to configure votes and vote against every motion, grant and raising of the parking rate.
…or even worse: who don’t adjust the votes, vote against all and bloat the blockchain with useless data (from old voting settings).


I believe people are greedy and 3) and 4) are not happening.


Then tell me why is the mining rate small compared to the recent months?


more NSR on exchange because of the price change.


Must be several dozens of millions of NSR if that’s the reason for the lower difficulty.
On which exchange do you see them?


bter has a 2 million NSR sell wall, polo is something like 1 mil. So I might be wrong. However, just because the nsr aren’t up on a sell wall doesn’t mean they weren’t moved. If they move, they stop minting for a week.


You could check if most of the shares have moved since their IOP days addresses. I belive they haven’t. Many holders are not minting. That is all.


Agree and the issues with memory on Raspberries and <=1Gb Cloud servers since Nu 2.00 might also contribute to less minters. And apparently we still don’t have a compatible binary for 2.01 for RaPI which most likely solves that problem.


Maybe many shareholders don’t even realize that their minters have stopped producing blocks because memory or whatever problems.