Current Proof of Stake Difficulty


Still decreasing. Difficulty: 0.000261 . Not good.


I calculated that there are about 38% BKS stakes minting and 35% NSR minting.


Agree, but I’m minting more blocks than usual. I have almost 20% NSR at stake, haven’t seen that before.


So can we infer that there is less interest in Nu after 1y of activity than in BCE before its release?


The total network size is different. So no.




Not good then.


Can someone explain me how to calculate how many BKS are minting right now?


I do it like this.


If you own less than 850,000 nsr (0.1% of the network) this method has a good bit of statistical fluctuation. You can help the numbers out by doing it for longer than a day though.


relative error is 1/sqrt(number of blocks)

for example if you find 16 blocks in the period the error is 1/sqrt(16) = 1/4 = 25%


difficulty: 0.00024847 …
still decreasing.


still decreasing… :worried:


Security decreasing ?


I would say yes. I would be curious about what @JordanLee or @tomjoad think about that.


0.00025773 now.


What’s happening? Is Nu secure right now?


Was it ever insecure? :wink:
With more difficulty there are obviously more NSR minting.

But would it have been likely that the not minting NSR had been used for attacking the network?
There would have been so much (value) at stake!

I’d say it appears to be even more secure than before :smile:


I don’t have a quantitative idea of Nu’s security, though I know qualitatively, it is (much) higher than a system like, say Bitcoin


0.000263 now.