Current Proof of Stake Difficulty


I am interested in knowing:

  • why is NSR going up?
  • who is buying?
  • your elaboration on:


A bit off-topic here: Sentinelrv is buying :slight_smile:
Chances are that with opensourcing more interest is generated. Also the inclusion on new exchanges would likely be seen as positive by the market.


Difficulty (PoS) 0.000511


Do other people mint much less blocks in the last day? I have got 3-4 times less blocks. If confirmed this implies that there are many more share minting than all share existing.

I did move my minting raspberry pi to a new new lan because of power problems yesterday. I don’t think it is the cause of the dropping of found blocks. Finding a kernel or not does not depend on connecting the network. Only the confirmation does.I have checked the log file on the pi. there has been no orphan. There were really much less kernels found.

Can anyone think of an explanation ? Maybe the pi has problems? I am turning on my laptop to mint at the same time to check (if both the pi and the laptop find a the same blck, it will be rejected. So don’t do this in normal situation)

btw there were 1330 blocks found in the last 24 hours. Diff is dropping fast.


I don’t have an explanation for it but taking a look at the difficulty chart on the block explorer it appears to me that we see a similar drop right around the 12th through the 15th of each month followed by a surge.


Not the case here.


Thanks. My laptop has found a block which is confirmed by the network. It shows that hte pi is not working properly, at least not always.


I think large variations are perfectly normal. I try not to look at it too much. I just make sure I am in fact finding blocks.

We are all solo mining for blocks. So we should not expect a regular payout in the any short terms. But what does this say about the decentralization of our consensus mechanism! Bitcoin and PoW are constantly fearing the next mining pool with 51%.


all time high: 0.000534


It seems when there is certain kind of vote, some shares come out to vote and push up difficulty.


0.000536 now.


Difficulty keeps on beating record after record.

“difficulty” : 0.00054852 @ block 327861


Decreasing now.


we have gone down to the level of end of jan.
still decreasing.

EDIT: That implies less participation from shareholders though the number of shares has increased.
Is it a loss of interest from some part of the shareholders?


It seems to me that some big shareholders only come out to mint when there are motions interested to them or when they don’t want to cast null-votes.


i see.


just a thought maybe due to NSR not being worth much right now people are just taking a back seat, waiting for the price to rise, and thus their interest?


Looking at the top addresses have a lot of NSR. I don’t recall ever seeing an address with 100MM+ NSR. Are those top addresses exchange’s cold storage, or are they whales? They don’t look to be actively minting.


Me neither.
It is a whale that got plenty of shares via the the 100m nsr auction?


Could be. Especially for those who pay for a computer to run just to mint (and the computer is not a raspberry pi)

Undistributed shares?