Current Proof of Stake Difficulty


Difficulty (PoS) 0.000392


“blocks” : 198809,
“difficulty” : 0.00039793,


Strange. From how difficult to mint blocks it feels like 440M shares are minting in the last two days. It’s much easier than in the beginning of January when diff was 0.00036.


I understand Diff is an average, So at a specific time much more or less shares could be minting than diff would indicate. It goes up and down. Even the percentage at stake varies in my client. It is likely that happens with others too.


“blocks” : 200659,
“difficulty” : 0.00040027,


@JordanLee @sigmike There is a widely adopted approximation to estimate the current network weight in PoS coins, which is based on the relation of the difficulty and the block times of previous blocks. I saw it first a long time ago in novacoin, so I am citing them here:


This statement could be understood to mean a couple things. Just to make sure it is clear for people, here’s the explanation that I’ve used in the past:

The “staked” amount that is listed on the overview screen in the client (and in the output of the getinfo RPC command) doesn’t represent how many shares are available to use to solve a block, but instead are shares that have already been used to solve a block. The total number of shares used in the inputs that solved the block show up in the “staked” count for 5020 blocks, at which point the reward is considered “mature” and it is deposited (along with the inputs previously used to solve the block) back in the "balance’ amount.


We have broken the previous record. Reaching now 0.0004323.
It is probably caused by the NSR auction that yielded new minting shares.


Or BTER is staking like a boss with those old NSR, which would also explain the huge difference in CDD and block voting which can be observed in @woolly_sammoth’s grant proposal, since they are casting “NO-votes” with very old coinstakes.


I thought the older the coinstake the sooner it can vote…


Rephrased my post, I meant votes saying NO, not “no votes” :smile:

I don’t think that this is the case, since it would allow voting attacks. Only the weight (i.e. the size of the coin output) should be relevant for that.


There were about 3000 blocks minted in the last 48 ho urs. My calculation shows that there were about 580 million shares minting.


We are continuing to beat the previous heights. Now on: “difficulty” : 0.00046459 and it is not even weekend!
The auction clearly had a significant impact here.


New all time high: 0.000492


I’m not really an expert on the minting difficulty. How does the current difficulty compare with Peercoin? I imagine it’s much higher for Nu due to the required voting, but how much higher is it?


Not sure if difficulties can be compared. But more than 50% NuShares are minting and well less than 50% Peercoins are minting.


Difficulty (PoS) 0.000497


Difficulty (PoS) 0.000502




0.00050808 Probably will go down soon, now the NSR prices are going up…