Current Liquidity

What do you mean?
I seriously don’t understand it.

I meant there are only or less than 1000 usd of buy side liquidity at T1, liquidity that sleeps at spread lower than 1%.

ALix is at the moment the situation not reflecting properly (this “moment” lasts for some days already).
The situation is as much under control as possible at this moment.

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I would propose to start funding buy side again with BTC from a small part of flot multisig. We could be waiting for a nosedive forever.

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It’s not YOURS only. CCEDK terminated their exchange service starting today as announced some 10 days ago.

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What offset do you imagine?
How many BTC?
Why not letting ALP fill the gap with an increased spread?
…Ikr, because of the motion…

I have a second NuBot account at Poloniex that could be operated at a buyside offset between the current gateways and current ALP.
If we want to do that, we (FLOT) should talk about the parameters.

Trying the liquidity provision by trying to revive the buyside is crucial for the confidence in Nu.
Offering a buyside offset, that is too low, will not accomplish that and only make Nu lose reserve funds instead.
What we need is the revival of a dual side trading.

What about

and test it with 2 to 4 BTC and 2,000 NBT?
Although the NBT deposit is not important - there are enough NBT on the market :wink:

what do the above lines mean?

A single order has a size of 500 (I don’t know why,
but succeeding order sizes tend to increase…).

The first order has an offset of 0.0035 or 0.35% making it an “offset after fees” of 0.6% for the buyer, if the order is on the order book and gets bought (Nu on maker side, customer on taker side).
It’s an “offset after fees” of 0.5% for the customer, if NuBot places the order into an existing buyside order (not that likely at the moment).

Each succeeding order has an offset increment of 0.001 or 0.1% on top of the preceding order.

Did you mean 0.6% ?

No, if we (NuBot) buy into an order of the customer, the customer is the maker and pays only 0.15% fee at Poloniex, while the taker (NuBot in that case) has a fee of 0.25%.

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@FLOT, @cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @jooize, @mhps, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle,

the first NSR were sold for BTC:

I suggest we continue the discussion on this matter:

As soon as the NSR are traded, there are funds, which can be used to try reviving the liquidity provision. The BTC are already at one of my Poloniex NuBot gateway accounts. I can’t use NuBot on that account until the sale is complete, because NuBot deletes the NSR orders when shifting walls.

The alternative is to withdraw it to FLOT reserve.
I’m in favour of trying to get the liquidity provision going.
What do you say?

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Before I forget, I suggest we reserve 10 btc and authorize a custodian to place them at e.g. $0.1 in case of a bank run or an attack described here (step 3). If someone wants to sell cheap nubits, we want them to fall in our hands. Proceeds Nubits are outstanding nubits and will be burned.

There are about 3.5btc on the buyside above $0.1 but below 5% spread. Placing a sizeable order at $0.1 encourages smaller bargain hunters to front run this order therefore putting more buys above it.

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Whenever the volatility is low we should lower the spread. Volatility in the last 4 days have been low relatively. Your proposal is fine.

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Thank you. Let’s wait for some more sentiments.

Another great idea!
Would a FLOT member be willing to step up and do that?
It wouldbe good to split responsibilities a little bit.
All that’s required is a Poloniex account.

@FLOT, @cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @jooize, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle

by joining in an existing pool and setting a huge offset?

If you are at that big offset, you don’t even need NuBot and can place orders manually.
Whether it’s 90% offset or 85% or 92% doesn’t really matter.

Until someone is found, I put the proceeds from the NSR sale on order at the NBT/BTC pair:
That does no harm, unless BTC drops to $5 - in that case we have other problems, but it’s not very bad, because we barely have BTC left :wink:

The “best” buy is at $0.095 at the current BTC rate ($533).

5555 NBT @ 0.00018000 BTC; total BTC: 0.99999999
5555 NBT @ 0.00015000 BTC; total BTC: 0.83333332
5555 NBT @ 0.00010000 BTC; total BTC: 0.55550000
5555 NBT @ 0.00000800 BTC; total BTC: 0.04444000

I would be in favor of putting half of the proceeds on NuLagoon and half of the proceeds to BTC FLOT.[quote=“masterOfDisaster, post:1830, topic:1239”]
Another great idea!Would a FLOT member be willing to step up and do that?It wouldbe good to split responsibilities a little bit.All that’s required is a Poloniex account.


Cannot do that unfortunately.

which comment ?

The one in his motion regarding liquidity.