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I got the following answer from the support about my NSR withdrawal issue.

Hi cryptpg,

Can you please point us to the NBT documentation on changing the fixed fee of 0.01 to 0.05

Everyone keeps telling us to change the fee, but nobody seems to be able to tell us how, obviously this is different to other coins as all other coins use a price per kb, so if you can please tell us the config settings to change the fee to 0.05 per withdrawal we can sort that out.

Cryptopia Support

Can someone help him or her?

@sigmike ?

Thank you.

Just my contribution awaiting more details from sigmike.
Nu docs are here:

RPC getinfo provides also the current fee. The fee is dynamic and may change when shareholders vote for different fees so should be checked for every transaction.

There’s no need to change the fee in the client. They only need to adjust the fee in their own process if they build the transaction themselves.

It’s not clear whether they build the transaction themselves.

If they use the sendtoaddress or sendmany RPCs then they don’t have to change the fee. The client will use the current fee. If it’s not then it’s a bug we must fix. Unless they are using a client that is not fully synchronized which means it doesn’t know the current fee.

If they use createrawtransaction or generate the transaction themselves in another way then they need to get the current fee from the paytxfee field of the getinfo RPC and apply it to the transaction they generate. I wrote an example process here:

We use a price per kb like all other coins. But this price per kb is not fixed, shareholders can vote to change it. And it depends on the currency.

Currently on NSR it’s 10 NSR per 1000 bytes, and on NBT it’s 0.05 NBT per 1000 bytes.

To get the fee on a specific unit you must run the getinfo on the RPC server of the right unit:

For NSR it’s nud getinfo or nud -unit=S getinfo. For NBT it’s nud -unit=B getinfo.

If you connect to RPC through HTTP it’s on port 14001 for NSR and 14002 for NBT.


I got the this answer from cryptopia

Hi cryptpg,

We are not building our on transactions, we are just using the sendtoaddress command, but obviously that does not work since you say we are sending with the wrong fee.

Since the problem you are describing is happening on NBT and not NSR(we cannot test until the wallet.dat is repaired) we have placed the NBT wallet in maintenance to avoid any further withdraw issues until our development team can change NSR and NBT to build the transactions manually and use the fee RPC information to correct the withdraw issue with NBT.

Cryptopia Support

It looks like we can go on vacation:joy:

Can they give me a transaction id that failed to confirm?

If the client generated an invalid transaction we need to fix that and I need some information about the problem. Some transaction ids may be enough if they reached my node, but the content of debug.log when the transaction was created would be better.

But it looks like it’s another person who claims that there’s not enough fee. What is indicating that?
Anyway if I can the log for a failing transaction it would be a good start to investigate.

Is this related to the other issues? A failing transaction should not damage the wallet (it would make the used coins unspendable though, and that may be what they’re saying).

They should not have to do that. It would certainly be easier to let us help them fixing the problem.

tks for your comments. let me transmit that to them then and get back to you.

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Are you still in contact with Cryptopia? What is their latest status? We want to make sure their system handles dynamic fee and then raise it to avoid issues.

I will check with them today.

Hi All,

Jerry here from the Cryptopia Support team.

Just letting you know we have resumed normal trading of NSR and NBT as our development team have been unable to diagnose any on-going issues with the coins. If you are still having issues feel free to log another support request at

The Cryptopia Team


Tks Jerry.

I created ticket #15575 “Final check regarding NSR and USNBT fee”:

Hi Cryptopia,

Jerry came by our forum to say it’s all operating smoothly now. Thank you! I need to ask and make sure so everything will continue without trouble.

In the Nu network, NSR and USNBT each have their own fee set by shareholders via blockchain voting (minting). Both fees are currently at zero, but we will need to raise them to prevent denial-of-service attacks on our network.

Our wallet software is expected to handle fees properly and automatically when transactions are created via the sendtoaddress or sendmany RPCs. Are you using those or creating transactions another way? If you use the RPCs, no action is necessary.

Otherwise, please make sure you fetch current transaction fee from the field paytxfee via the getinfo RPC and apply it per kilobyte transaction size. You probably know that.

The reason I ask is because at withdrawals for NSR (and USNBT), the fee displays as 0.1 NSR (and 0.01 USNBT) regardless of the amount I input, which would be insufficient when shareholders raise the fee. That also doesn’t reflect the current fees. As side note, NSR is by default sent with outputs split to 10,000 NSR each for effective minting, which causes larger transaction sizes than commonly seen.

Most of what you need to know is summarized in this post: Cryptopia support answer

In my previous communication I may have been stressed and unclear. I apologize for that. If you ever have any issues we’ll do everything we can to resolve them and compensate you for loss.

You will receive the best support from Michaël Witrant at

Esko (jooize)
Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations

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Did respond?