Craig Wright's (alias Satoshi Nakamoto) first and last interview on camera

After all these years, he was forced to give his identity price:


Is that a joke?
…need to read that.

Ok, because he wanted an end of the witch-hunt that hurts him and people he cares for.

That’s a prime lesson for why perfect anonymity can be very important.

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Perfect anonymity is very difficult to maintain once half the world press is chasing you and an army of detectives is roaming the world.


Who is Satoshi:
Who is Sunny King:

Who is Jordan Lee:


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The interview seems genuine but this seems at the least suspicious:
Jon Matonis and GAVIN ANDRESEN published both a blog post exactly today on May, 2nd about Craig Steven Wright, apparently before the interview release, both endorsing him in the same way. Why?

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And then you have all the mass media endorsing him, suddenly?

Satoshi is like Jesus!
He is everyone and nobody :smiley:
and the previous impostor was also from Australia, if i am not mistaken!

Bitcoin core developer: Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto (11 December 2015)


So he was the same person! :smiley:
Good job @crypto_coiner
Why is he so eager to get this Satoshi title?
to get rich or something?

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Gavin has been roundly criticized in /r/BTC for the so-called “validation” that occurred:

Given his past behavior, I find it unlikely that Craig is Satoshi.

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This sounds like an attempt to get people to believe they found Satoshi, only in reality it’s an impostor and more importantly somebody that they control. Then they can instruct him to try his best to convince everyone to change the protocol to whatever they want it to be. They think this would work because people would put a lot of stock in what Satoshi says.

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If this is indeed a deceiving act by Craig, and it more and more appears like it due to lack of real and repeatable proof, I find it astonishing that multiple press agencies including a respectable BBC lend themselves for this.

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Apparently he is going to move some early Bitcoins. Maybe just sign a message with those keys is easier? Anyway the popcorn is out.

He’s obviously a faker, moving early bitcoins won’t prove anything unless it’s from satoshi’s blocks #9 for example.

i am really appalled that people continue to be conned by this scam artist from down under :frowning:

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It is obvious that journalism /= science :smiley: