Cooperate with Open bazar

Any idea? I believe the least cooperation is provide NBT as money for trading on Open Bazzar.


They are switching to IPFS and that is interesting —

The current back-end server hosts each user’s store data locally. The information about the store, as well as the listings (and their pictures) are all controlled locally by the computer running the server. This means that no one else can censor the store listings, since the only way to take down those listings would be to shut down that computer itself.There is a drawback to this method. If the user shuts down their computer, or loses their internet connection, their listings are no longer available to anyone else on the network. Especially for those without access to reliable electricity or internet, this makes running a store difficult.To address this problem, we’re changing how the data is stored in OpenBazaar 2.0 by using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

What is IPFS? As the white paper explaining the software states,[IPFS] is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files.IPFS is described as “the distributed web” because it’s meant to be a more resilient and faster version of the HTTP-based web we currently use.Using this peer-to-peer, distributed file system means that OpenBazaar store data no longer needs to be hosted purely locally by one server. Instead, the data can be distributed across a network of users, and if the OpenBazaar server hosting the data goes down temporarily, that data can still be accessed because it’s replicated by another peer on the network. This makes OpenBazaar stores more censorship-resistant, and improves the user experience for buyers as well.A user will be able to set up their store, list their goods or services for sale, and other users who visit their store will then begin seeding their content to the rest of the network. If they turn off their computer, people can still access and buy their products, and sellers will receive the orders the next time they use OpenBazaar.Using IPFS also allows for better networking and discovery of products, since you aren’t forced to pull the data from only one location but can instead pull it from anywhere on the p2p file system.Work is roughly two-thirds complete on the next OpenBazaar server based on IPFS (and written in Go); if you’re interested in p2p networking and/or knowledgeable in Go we welcome your contributions.


“IPFS aims to replace HTTP and
build a better web for all of us.”

The web’s centralization limits opportunityThe Internet has been one of the great equalizers in human history and a real accelerator of innovation. But the increasing consolidation of control is a threat to that.IPFS remains true to the original vision of the open and flat web, but delivers the technology which makes that vision a reality.