Continuing the discussion from jooize's comment in a locked thread

Continuing the discussion from Lissajous' removed posts:

I can’t say I disagree at all. However this is exactly the attitude the Chief should have when rambling on about his version of the history of Nu.

I think he’s been good at that lately. Wouldn’t you be angry at people who try defame your project if you knew you hadn’t been malicious?

If it was my project, I would have done everything within my power to assure the community that there was no need for any theories instead of ignoring a genuine concern like both you and @Phoenix have done.

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Your concern about the shareholder he represents for the 200M NSR?

Sure, that is the one time that comes to mind. To me, it is improper for that shareholder to not represent themselves. I think it would have been a productive display of shareholder empowerment but instead we are left to speculate. We literally have no other choice but to look at the past we want to move on from.

How would it really be different to have another individual come by and say the same thing? It could still just be your suspect doing it.

We are distracting from the subject in which I made this topic. If you want to have this discussion, we should keep it organized and move your reply to the motion thread. I’ve already been over this.

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