China is going to launch official digital currency

Although big brother wanna control every aspect of economics in china, but B&C welcome it because we can use a stable currency for pegging on our own platform!

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I agree with you. In China, community made Trmb and Tabc ybcoin imitation, but it is failed, they buy and sell the wall became a financial tool, and will not use nubits source wallet. Blossoming at the same time, the Chinese duoduo team, using nubits purse for the great experiment of the Internet of things, they firmly support peercoin, think of themselves as part of peercoin ecological circle! These are all welcome, more people to develop research, peercoin will be more powerful, because we are the complete, systematic, targeted and efforts!!!

Any link?

I thought it was based on peershares.

The team there is no specific English information, recent will be released at the bitcointalk creation, of course I would be happy to release some information

  1. About the duoduo system shows "instructions"
    Were duoduo system while in January this year published an article “the Internet of things, building the bridge virtual currency and reality”, and laid the foundation of duoduo system. But on this for more than a year, a lot of changes have taken place. So try to theoretical structure did not change, but the content is changed, so it is necessary to write an essay about each system.
    There will be a question and answer mode to answer this question.
    2.What is duoduo system?
    Duoduo system set up a low cost, is the nature of free maintenance, is suitable for the decentralized manufacturers use direct marketing system.
    Can build products direct relationship between manufacturer and home users.
    Which pay parts are done by duoduo dollar (duoduo shares is for duoduo dollar to maintain a piece of, that the relationship between the specific details can refer to the NSR and NBT).
    3.Duoduo direct sales system and what is the difference between existing electricity method?
    At present, the solutions are mainly two kinds of electricity.
    A、 taobao and jingdong model. Taobao model advantages is to open a shop is easy, shops and artificial cost is low. But the biggest problem is that the pressure of competition, particularly large vulnerable to malicious low-cost competitors. Plus 8% commission on every deal, make some low-margin products, carry out is very difficult.
    B、 proprietary mall direct-sales model. Advantage is removed outside the mall, profit completely owned by manufacturer. On the downside, small batch management mall dealer cost is too high, difficult.
    And because duoduo system, based on block chain technology, poundage is very low, only 1 cent is about ten thousand yuan. In addition. Payment system security are no problem at all. In addition of the dealer sales are controlled in our hands without looking at the platform provider’s face.
    Especially suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers use. With home direct sales system terminal, can bypass the existing oligarch channel.
    Belong to an entirely new way of marketing.
    But there are ways, including age, are covered with the coat of virtual currency, to do with the traditional model.
    Duoduo system of this scheme is also the first in China
  2. Duoduo system components: duoduo system consists of four most
    A 、duoduo shares with duoduo dollar. Duoduo shares is the foundation that duoduo dollar is benchmark currency. This is also the domestic first to double coin purse of single block scheme. At present has been made.
    B 、Duoduo business system. Is based on each wallet development, mainly used for small and medium-sized manufacturers. The goods with a key, a key refunds, and other functions, is currently in development.
    C、Duoduo family pay box. Used for installation in the family, used for payment. Has been made to prototype.
    D、 Duoduo smart sensors. This is currently in development. At present the first prototype has been come out.
    5.Duoduo system reference ideas
    Countless system mainly refer to the IBM adept projects, and some coin design idea. But we are the original, because does not use any code. In addition, our development progress than al money much faster.
    The basic idea is adept “democratic autonomy of Internet of things”, the basic ideas, and based on the situation of China
    6、 Why were duoduo system will do iot pay for this?
    Because I itself is embedded development, so better at this aspect. Of course this is not the most important.
    The most important thing is, this part payment was part of the state and enterprises focus on, is also the most mature products. So the imitation of traditional mode but there is competition. So we should be the focus in the traditional payment difficult to involve.
    Because the current payment forms are for the people, and decentralization of the virtual currency is a typical deny people recognize COINS, so consider using virtual currency can be paid based on the machine, blossoming and this is the guiding ideology of the system.
    From the thought by extension will encounter some problems.
    The first: the value of the virtual currency instability problems. This also is why countless of duoduo shares and duoduo dollar. Because the solution from the current perspective is the best solution, a used to maintain a block, a used to pay.
    The second: how to make the payment of the machine. Obviously a water cooler to a host is not reality. So we used early is raspberry pie. Going to use next whole solution treatment, the cost is low.
    The third: if payment needs to solve different machines. This is duoduo smart sensors to do.
    Fourth: how to make the business easy to use. This is the inside of the duoduo system business system solutions.

May be translation is not very good, also please understanding! But I know the team leader of the team participated in the world Internet conference held in December 2015, the author at the conference and vice President of the United States ivy league had a group photo. This is nubits wallet to use another on high-frequency trading, but some places need peercoin v0.5, block chain carries information I think is very important!

use chrome on right click on the page do translate page voila instant translation

I have the feeling that the Chinese government is transforming (very slowly)
from communism to capitalism? :smiley:

They have already become rich people. But communism vs capitalism is surface, the real competition is high centralised vs less centralized power structure.

Eg, after russia quit communism in 1990s, it is still a high centralized power country, just like tsar era before 1918 and of course, it is out of internatinal mainstream. So is china.

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