Changelly dropping NuBits

What was the reason of Changelly dropping nubits? - I cannot see that trade option on coinomi. Is it only temporary? I am not using bittrex which makes me totally blocked. In theory cryptopia has that token but with no trading pairs. Are you taking any steps to introduce nubits to new exchanges/wallets?

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I was not aware of Changelly listing NBT in the past. We had a Shapeshift listing though. They dropped us when the team didn’t respond to their queries in a period things hadn’t been handed over properly and fell between the cracks. I’ve tried to get back USNBT listing a couple of times, but I couldn’t get a better response than ‘we are looking into it’ or something along similar lines. Would be great if you as a potential customer would drop them a line. When enough people do that I believe they will eventually list the coin.

BTW You can also trade USNBT at SouthXchange. The team is keeping decent pegging walls on there too.


Nice to hear that - what are their limits for unverified customers?

Still I guess you should guys try to make nubits available on more exchanges.

Totally. The team is working on that.

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Shapeshift also delisted a bunch of items because of SEC’s “Securities” decision. Im not aware if the NBT’s delisting was before or after Oct 15. But Nushare is a token that could be considered a security. I heard somewhere else that SEC has said that if the item is used in the underlying system, it may or may not be a security. Heres the decision if someone wants to read it thoroughly.

Shapeshift says here:
"Submitted by Emily on Sunday, October 15, 2017

As part of our ongoing diligence to keep our services compliant with global regulations, ShapeShift has chosen to delist a few digital assets from the exchange, as they may have a risk of being classified as securities. The delisting of these assets is not a statement on whether or not the assets are in fact securities, but we want to take a conservative approach.

ShapeShift continues to review all potential new digital asset additions to evaluate their risks as securities and will not be able to make them available for exchange if they are determined as high risk assets.

We appreciate continued patronage and understanding.

-The ShapeShift Team"

I assert that NuShares are not a security. You can’t vote to create currency with a security, or use them to secure and propagate transactions on a decentralized network. NuShares have many important functions no security ever had prior to 2014. They are a brand new creature. Regulators will need to consider how they classify this new asset type, but it won’t fit into their current paradigms very well.


NuBits are not securities for sure. If anything it is a ‘new digital asset’. You can argue about it being a high risk asset as I believe most cryptocurrencies fall in that category anyway. It doesn’t go down 30% in a week like BTC and many others and our reserves haven’t been so high ever.
We need to continue lobby Shapeshift to list the coin I believe.

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I can contact them and see what they say.

It is worth a try. Just noticed that they also delisted Bitshares and Peercoin. The definition of security is very vague in cryptoworld as none of it has legally been tested. Also I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just exclude US IPs. Netflix can do country/IP-based content and blacklist VPN providers.

Wo even them. But now they have reached 1b USD market cap, maybe Shapeshift would reconsider.

No, they have to obey to some laws even if they don’t like them. Only ways is to go completely decentralised, maybe they can help with B&C :wink:

you mean it would be easier for Shapeshift to accept blockshares and blockcredits because B&C is decentralized?

Have you tried openleadger or waves dex exchanges to list nubits? These are not ruled the way centralised exchanges are.

Also why cryptopia still keeps deposit and withdrawal of nubits? Is there any chance they would re add nubits pairs?

Changelly supported Nubits until very recently. Will someone from the team please contact them and see will they be supporting again in the near future? The team must have a direct email I can use to contact them seeing as the coin was listed and there would have been some ongoing communication over the years?

Is there any way to get a Bittrex account at the moment? Apparently, not allowing new accounts.

Let me try to contact him.

You mean they have put a freeze on new accounts because they do not have enough staff to support the operations right now?


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@cryptog Any word from Changelly yet?

Not yet.

@cryptog Still nothing? You’ve been one of their main coins for years. Please give others here the contact details so we can try do something about this farce.

I do not have their email addresses. I will get back to you once I get their answer. Please stay tuned.