Changelly dropping NuBits

Perhaps filling out a add new coin memo will get their attention (

Or their social media platforms:

They may have been using some other exchange to do the matching like shapeshift did (or at least thats what I remember people saying shapeshift did in the past).

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When I contacted them about this, they told me it’s because there is not enough liquidity. They removed it when btc-e went down.

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@Sentinelrv Thank you for finding out. How did you get an answer when no one else could? Presumably, they won’t be listing NBT again?

Seeing as users can’t setup a Bittrex account or sell via Changelly/Shapeshift, admins should help users facilitate sell/swap NBT for another crypto.

Any chance you would you kindly ask them if they will help us users they have trapped with custom sell orders? Thank you

let me try to do my best here.

I think I’ve been misunderstood. I was responding to Cybnate’s mention of Peercoin being disabled. When I contacted ShapeShift to upgrade their wallet to the v0.6 release, I asked them about why Peercoin was disabled and not NuBits. Though I would assume that most of the cryptos temporarily unavailable on there are for the same reason, lack of liquidity.

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What’s the best way to contact Shapeshift? I never received a reply from them. Thank you.

I opened a support ticket.

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