CCEDK signs bank agreement - Zero deposit fees on USD, EUR and CNY next two months

We celebrate signing of new banking partner opening up a huge array of new options in regards to future fiat gateways, and we start by offering the most common and perhaps most interesting ones USD, EUR and CNY with no deposit fees for the next two months June and July.

USD and CNY is now no longer 4-5 days, but down to day to day and a half, provided deposit info and corresponding bank is correctly filled out.

Also do notice that we have added a total of 6 pairs to be traded in May, June and July with near to nothing in trading fees, only 0,001% in fact, just go have a look in very top of

We are ready to discuss opening up the currencies like JPY, AUD, CAD and more all depending on where the interest lies, so feel free to ask for full list of currencies available to consider of interest as a new NBT pair.

Cheers to you all and the wish for a hectic and perhaps hot summer!

Ronny Boesing