CCEDK fund repayment Schedule to NuShareholders

Dear all Nushareholders,

First of all thank you for believing in CCEDK and voting in favor of adding CCEDK back as exchange of NuBits.

I would like to do all in my powers to get any outstanding funds back to Nushareholders a.s.a.p.

As we are still not in a position where we can say we are making a profit, it is not possible to just pick an amount an send to you, as that would lead to a quick stop, and whatever stil missing would thn be lost for good. We dont want that. We want to be able to return this lost funds as soon as possible with the help an support of you as part of the process, similar to what is already being done at bter, where you have accepted to pay bter to provide liqidity, and where they are then in return able to pay back lost funds on what you are in fact paying them to keep a liquidity alive showing Nubits as the currency of choice.

We have the following options to offer for you Nubits to get their funds back in a smooth and proactive way.

  1. 50% of all fees connected with Nubits and Nushares transactions on CCEDK will be calculated and returned once a week, week finishing sunday, settlement Monday.

  2. We offer to add liquidity on NBY/BTC pair against a similar percentage of interest offered to bter, and in co operation with someone at Nubits one of our devs will operate the bot, allowing other users to add funds as well. We do a monthly calculation of this, and 50% of the generated profit is returned to the Nushareholders.

  3. NBT/CNY pair is up an running, and we are ready to support this with liquidity as well to some extent and with a percentage of interest for running the bot in similar way as already done on bter, and we would here also share any profits 50%.

  4. We will create a NBT/JPY pair for the interest perhaps for @cryptog to be worked out in similar way as with any other trdaing pairs on other exchanges. We are open for discussion on how to get this up and running. We can say already that we have created the facility to pay JPY via our japanese bank connection, and from day to day. There are no fees from our side in coennction with deposits of JPY, there are however rather big flatfe of some equivalent 45 EUR in case of withdrawal of JPY. This option is however meant espcially for people wishing to buy NBT with JPY. It is ofcourse also possible with USD, and via our correspondent bank Commerzbank in Germany it seems now with no deposit fees when doing swift transfers of USD as well.
    On this pair we also propose any extra profit sharing to be 50/50.

This is the way we are able to propose a constantly payment scedule, although it is clear there is no exact amount to be referring to, but on the other hand it leaves plenty of potential in regards to having open amount settled a.s.a.p.

Apart from any amounts mentioned above, we will ask a btc adress to which we can send extra extra amounts whenever it seems posible.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

PS: I have a few domain names as per below listed, if any of these could be of interest to buy, pls send me PM on price proposal and any amount arised from the sale of these would go 75% of amount to Nushares holders to help cover the amount open at the time of settlement.



I like the 50% of nbt and nsr fees and the 50% of nbt/btc liquidity providing. I’m just not super comfortable paying for pairs that won’t be used (jpy and cny). If you have no active cny or jpy, what good would an nbt pair be for us? I see how it benefits you, but you are basically offering to pay us with our own money, I.e. pay us in service. I just don’t think we should be funding 5 separate operations all on one exchange (USD, EUR, btc, jpy,cny). Cny on bter is supported because cny is used a lot on bter.

I think you should do 50% of all fees on all pairs to us (not just Nu pairs. This is in line with Bter’s supposed payback plan, but I think we should avoid comparison to them) and 50% of btc liquidity provision at the same rate as other pools (0.33%/day with ~2500 target each side). Terms of the btc pool can be renegotiated by the month.


Tks for proposing the idea.
I am not sure if NBT/JPY is needed.
What Japanese traders want to avoid is remitting FIAT money overseas.
They want to buy NBT because they want to tap into NBT/BTC though.
So working on a liquid NBT/BTC pair is the best to attract the many Japanese traders.
I would do my best to advertise ccedk within the Japanese communities I am dealing with.
Then you could pay back NuShareholders with 50% or what ever is a good rate of the exchange fees coming from NBT/BTC trades.

By the way, what about the NSRs that you could sell off? I am not sure about the current situation though.

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@cryptog so we will not add NBT/JPY, and I hear comments @Nagalim as well. Let me know who will be the one co ordinating setting up the bot to operate nbt/btc and how this all can be done best way possible, and I will connect to our dev responsible for this task then. And first return will happen then on monday july 27th.

@Cybnate Is there any way you can make this happen before your next grant time comes up? Basically, just do a starter grant for NBT/BTC now, then regroup it with all the other pools at the next grant proposal. That would give everyone a chance to vote on the parameters for this specific pair.


The NBT/BTC bot on CCEDK can already be tested, which I did this weekend and I had no issues running with it. Just replace USD or EUR in your config file into BTC. Of course there is virtually no payout until the Shareholders allow this to be funded.

I’m proposing to go with the flow with an interim proposal. With a 0.33/day fee for 2500 NBT to start with and default spreads as I won’t fiddle with the code without support. Happy to pull up a draft interim proposal in the next few days. NuDroid keeps me a bit busy at the moment, so please be patient.


Having a liquid NBT/BTC pair on which Japanese traders would be able to do arbitrage for example, based on the potential local NBT/BTC pairs would probably attract a lot of Japanese folks I feel.

I am hoping someone perhaps from the devs will provide some information to my dev, if we need to support the bot somehow on the nbt/btc pair,

I would also like to propose the buying of NBT on the nbt/usd pair via our instant order feature on the btc/usd pair. It is easy simple, and works, and you have nbt in no time at little extra cost, and there are no transaction fee on the btc/usd pair as well.

Have a look and a try perhaps your self:

Buy usd with btc no matter the order book, then buy nbt for leverage.

easy, peasy

@Ronny Has CCEDK made a single repayment yet to NuShareholders? You stated:

It is well into October at this point. NuShareholders voted to support CCEDK and you have received free advertising on our website since then, in addition to trading volume in the form of liquidity pools. I strongly believe that NuShareholders would like a BTC or NBT payment made to a custodian to settle the outstanding debt. It is time to make NuShareholders whole and fulfill your obligations. We’ve seen that CCEDK is aggressively expanding and marketing itself right now, which is great, but it clearly suggests you have the capacity to settle the outstanding balance owed to NuShareholders.


I’d be more than happy to see some nbt or nsr burnt.


I can only say I do apolighoize for not bing able to come up with some return payments due to calculations of performances since the time I informed about this. Its a question of lack of manhours I have to admit, and will put it on me to get something up by this coming monday. Pls in the meantime let me know where I should put the amount calculated an to what adress etc. I know I asked then also but did not get a reply, not that this is an excue but prefer to have this info to act accordingly immediately when I have something to transfer.

Thanks for your understanding and big apoligies from my side.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

If you just burn NBT, you can pay off the debt dollar for nubit without getting anyone’s permission. I’m not sure what the end number we decided on was, but you can publicly verify that you burned the funds without requiring anyone’s address. There’s even a burn rpc command.

If you have some extra NSR, you can work out a deal with the shareholders by passing a motion to value the NSR at a particular price.


Any news, @ronny?


Hang in there just a little longer. I am down with work pressure, and have a hard time getting all things done in a timly fashion, and I cannot keep apologizing also, so pls just bear with me and I will try to put a deadline for some caclulations and some pay back by nov 23rd the latest.

Ouf, I really am sorry, but know you guys cant really use words, so I will try to back it with some action very soon now. thanks again for all the understanding.

This time is also for the good in other ways as it seems it wont be long before we can offer a way to ad nubits as a supportive currency for Nanocard.

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This date is four days away. What is your plan for repayment?

I’ve noticed you are embarking on an ambitious fundraising plan for “Obits”.

Surely you would not be attempting this if you weren’t expecting to continue operations. After months and months of avoidance, are you now prepared to settle your debt to NuShareholders? When can we expect repayment?

If you don’t have a detailed schedule prepared by November 23 I will be introducing a motion to permanently remove CCEDK from all material as it is becoming very clear that you have no intention of repaying us. We have supported you with advertising on our website without a reciprocal effort to settle your debt to our network.

Edit: I’m aware you’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Nu on this project - the “Obits” name, the share buyback program, and similar elements of a website (same date flipping animations, same vertical line info in mid-page). Perhaps you should consider removing blatantly fraudulent statements such as this:

“Bitcoin is regulated on the base of a general consensus of its value, defined by what people pay on exchanges worldwide and is therfore very volatile and able to rise or fall, whereas OBITS is regulated by the businesses involved and its ongoing development of these decentralized digital platforms and will therefore only rise in price.

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Could you tell me if you see it anywhere still, I throught it was removed already, thanks

I am ready to return funds in general starting monday 23rd. I need however someone representing Nubits, who is able to write and communicate without constant accusations and treats. Really that cant be the you get things done can it really?

I would have started even earlier, if someone here could have answered back to me with an adress where I could send funds,so I am asking now as I could then even get some sent sunday night, just to show that I mean business.

So, therefore send here an adress which a good amout of people can vouch for, and I will start sending funds, on a 2 weeks basis.

I have asked one of my devs to do some accounting for the period I agreed was the starting point of calculating.

Can you put here Nubits adress, and I will settle in this currency, it is afterall always a dollar, and paste the tx id here.

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It’s right here…

…or on the NuShares exchange page as well.

I suggest you get off your high horse, you entered Nubits late an seem to have no feeling deep down on what passion is all about, but I see you have a very easy way of thinking that nobody else can create a strong product. I believeNuits is a strong product but definitely not iincreased in value based on any marketing efforts from your side.

You have said plenty of times that I have received so much PR from Nubits, but I believe in all the ways that I have been personally doing all I could to mention and promote Nubits for no personal gain whatsoever, and all the articles and media I have used promoting Nubits an NusShares you seem to want to take credit of, but heh, it is clear that you have no interest in making use cases and promoting Nubits in a strong way amking use of all available media, and that is fair enough if strategy is to have Nubits grow slowly, but dont start telling me that you have done anything to help market CCEDK, it is completely the other way around.

Fortunately there are other people in this community who dp appreciate people working with passion an believing in what they do is making a difference. I know clearly you have said it enough times already, that you are not one of them, so why dont you just get me in contact with someone who is actually believing in communication to be the way of solving matters.

I am waiting for the Nubits adress, and I will post here once first payment has been done

No I meant the above text, I do know CCEDK is mentioned there.