CCEDK fund repayment Schedule to NuShareholders

Is it not possible to have someone from Nubits receive the payments and do the burning accordingly? Th all I need is an adress, an post it here on forum when payment is done and the person i charge

Let me know if this way of presenting is somewhat better?

Oh, come on. It’s been over four months since we were told the following, assuming I’m not misinterpreting it.

Tell me if I’m wrong. Perhaps we’ve been slow in providing you with an address, but you could have kept those funds, told us they’re available, and then I doubt it would take long before you’d have somewhere to send them.

The situation remains, and you express a willingness to start paybacks as soon as we give you an address. I don’t know how to provide you with that, but let’s work from that.

I appreciate your efforts with NuBits.


That’s about “will therefore only rise in price”, not CCEDK being advertised. As @ronny also addressed.

There are a few addresses we know are controlled by JL, or we can get one for FLOT or FSRT. Slightly more formal.

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Ah, I didn’t see Tomjoad’s edit above.

@dysconnect, do you think we could get FLOT together for that already? I’m available for a couple hours ahead if need be.

I’ve been too busy to work with the scripts lately, but with some setup it already automates for NBT the most painful part of signing, which is tracking the balance of an address and forming a transaction. I hope I have more time next week. The rest of it is signing and broadcasting signed transactions, which can be done manually through nud and a few forum posts. I didn’t port it to BTC and NSR yet; for BTC I prefer to port it for a light wallet rather than bitcoind, and for NSR it should be straightforward.

As with launching FLOT, we’ll need to first practice sending and receiving funds. I don’t know how to receive a positive balance on testnet so we might need some help. Only you and @masterofdisaster responded to my request for public keys. I’ll do another roll call.


I’ve deleted my reply. I prefer allowing FLOT or Jordan Lee to post a NBT receiving address when they are ready.

Pls try to include @ronny when ready, an I will even try to send someting from tomorow,


you don’t need people too vouch for address’s if you burn them and post the Tx address
from the nubits wallet console: Commands: burn

’’ burn Amount S ‘’ for NSR
’’ burn amount B ''for NBT

To all here, I am slightly delay due to the dev doing the calculations went sick on me today, an altthough I have no idea how much we are in fact able to settle according registered fees achieved I am going to burn an amount equivalent to 5 btc, just to get something started. I expect and hope I give you a total count in gnerated fees since the Month of may instead of initially July, not sure if it will make any big difference, but we do it since that is when we changed server.

This total count I expect to deliver here as well tomorrow tuesday 24th. If it turns out to be more than fees acheived, well I guess we settled more that way.

I will get back here a lttle later with the tx id for the burn


I think I might have to ask for a NBT adress where I could send some 1600 NBTs to be burned. I dont have time to learn how to do this, and so fa have spent too much already looking no luck

Can anyone provide NBT adress, an then I send copy with details here after?

This is the NuPond Term 6 custodial grant address. If you send nbt here I will burn it:


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1587,9 nbt has been sent to be burned


I believe this tx id should confirm that, thanks pl do confirm when it has been done


1587.9 NBT has been burnt under this txid:


I would alo like tto mention that OpenLedger is being updated at the moment for teh sole purpose of adding NuBits and NuShares on platform. It will basically work in the way where you as user deposit nbts or nsr to the currecny OpenNBT or OpenNSR. It might b a perfect opportunity to enter and make a point of NuBits always being a dollar. How you guys will be able to add some market support etc, I hope you will discuss with the guys handling that service for us on the base of contract from Cryptonomex.

Another information, and I hope you will consider this as a way of finidng solution quick to outstanding, would be if there was anybody on the NubIts community having an interest to invest in OBITS, and i would go ahead to offer the same condition as we have on the fees. 50% of all sales regading OBITS paid in either NBT or NSR will consequently immediately be sent to be burned.

It is an offer, and I leave it for you all to consider. I thought you should at least have the offer.




just a though maybe next time with 5btc worth of NBT at the NSR market price was about 0.00001673 could of bought around 298864.31560071 NSR even more under market and burn those instead NBT gets grants NSR doesn’t

Just saying…

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Having sold tens of thousands of NBT in the last week it’s no bad idea to burn some NBT which seem to be from T3 instead of pushing the NSR price unreasonably high.
Nu just gets less NSR per BTC the higher the NSR price is and makes speculators, who can make safe bets on the buybacks, rich.
These are side effects of the buybacks that need to be taken into consideration.
Alternatives like hedging BTC risks with PPC, bitUSD or alike need to be evaluated to decrease the predictability of the buyback effect.

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if you need to have some NBT exchanged for BTC to balance BTER and POLO, sent me a pm :wink:

So we did a calculation of fees generated on the NBT and NSR connected pairs and came up with below totals from may 1st. It is really not a lot, and I guess most of the reason is the liquiity providers being able to run almost with zero fees in most of this time. Anyone interested in seeing total list of fees without each user as such mentioned is welcome to ask.

BTC: 0,00484061
USD: 28,67548438
EUR: 73,05774376
PPC: 0,00041352
NBT: 115.05

I will try to keep and update now once a month, but it is clear I will have to focus on making a successful introduction of OBITS in order to use some of this to settle step by step.

The offer still stands. If anybody places orders of OBITS on our website, and mentions in promocode NUBITS, I will return half of the amount paid to be burned as Nubits, or delivered on an adress hre and then you exchange to NSR and burn.

You are able to buy OBITS on site on the bae of BTC or BTS.

That is the best offer I can give for the time being, and will otherwise keep focucing on making OBITS a success as it will help me help solve matters here as well.

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