CCEDK deposits don't work/ are insanely slow

I definitely cannot recommend CCEDK to be our primary exchange for Blockshares. I seriously hope that there will be soon another exchange to adopt Blockshares. I have made a lot of bad experiences with CCEDK in the past and it keeps going. Deposited BKS several hours ago but they won’t show up. Whatever the reason is, that is definetely not how an exchange is supposed to work. Ronny Boesing might be a nice guy, but he has no clue about how to run an exchange… Awful service.

Due to the whole fiasco that happened early this year, I would agree. Some petty words were said and Ronny still owes Nu money with no real plan to pay it back.

Make sure to contact Poloniex and request the addition of BKS.

I’ve sent in a request, and I hope others do too. It takes about one minute to make the submission, with full details provided here:

Adding BlockShares to Poloniex and other large exchanges will improve BKS liquidity, and possibly the price.

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I just sent a request. I encourage others to do so as well.

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If this coin has any significant innovations over other coins, please elaborate on them here.

"Brought to you by the same team that created NuBits (NBT), B&C Exchange aims to be the first widely used and successful decentralized exchange, with a profit model in place from the beginning. Using a voting mechanism found in the client, owners of BKS (shareholders) will place their votes on the blockchain to decide all sorts of things, from trading fees to which crypto assets will be traded, and much more.

Poloniex stands to become one of the top exchanges trading BKS if they so choose."

I had more but sadly there’s a 500 character limit.

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Your explanation is great, but it would somehow be counterintuitive if Poloniex can’t wait to help raise public attention for a decentralized dividend paying exchange :smiley:

It will be interesting to see how centralized exchanges react to B&C and BKS, that’s for sure.

Yeah, I was wondering if they would see us as an enemy/competitor or not. Ronny at CCEDK doesn’t seem to think so, as he’s already added us.

Well, Ronny was dreaming about the trading volume explosion that Poloniex just had.
I am pretty confident that BKS will see nice volume at some point in time. So far, crypto is purely speculation for the most people joining this space. It is about tech that most people just can’t grasp that easily. And even if they can, it’s still about knowing the environment, decisive insiders pumping a coin and whatever. They read a white paper and try to come up with an answer to the question whether this or that might be the next fancy thing.
With BKS, there will (hopefully) soon be fundamentals to base value calculations on. Having dividends turns this seemingly overly technical thing called BKS into an asset that way more people can evaluate for themselves (sure, some are better at coming with possible values than others, but that doesn’t keep a lot of people from market participation).
Pumping up a fake price might happen, but will be really hard actually I believe as there are those hard facts that can give us a nice direction about whether the price makes sense or not.

I love it!


Happened to me except I sent in a support ticket and got it solved in a few hours. My guess is that when you deposit a kind of coin for the first time ccedk check you manually. If the staff is resting it can take hours.
ccedk should make the security process more transparent and understandable.

this happened to me with NBT (not the first time).
unfortunately it was during weekend so i had to wait until Monday to solve it, but they solved it.
I guess they have a bug in their deposit mechanism.

It might have something to do with OpenLedger.

I do not like using it. Selling BKS directly PM me with offer.

anyone has tried openledger?