Buy NSRs

I am a newbie and a big fan of Nu.
I want to buy some NSRs. Is there anyone who want to sell some to me?
I tried to buy some from Jordan, but have not got reply from him.
Please contact me at: BM-2cTrCxm4sNrr7bCq1ikuYR5iP48in57hxC
Thank you.

Please use caution when trading with third parties. If you send funds before receiving payment, the other person may disappear with your money. If in doubt, use an escrow service.

By the way, it looks like a centralized market for NSR is opening on BTER. See

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So, does it mean that NSRs are not sold anymore directly from Jordan?

The listing on BTER was unexpected. As far as I know, Jordan’s offer is unaffected.

After waiting so long for NSR would be quite disappointing, the “good” thing at the moment is that there are no sell orders on BTER

NSR deposits are still disabled, I believe. See NSR/BTC trading pair now available at


It is important that most NuShares remain in the hands of very active shareholders who are highly informed and constantly updating their vote until a number of data feeds to automate voting are implemented. This is why we are not placing undistributed NuShares on markets like BTER.

I apologize for the slow processing of requests from community members requesting to purchase NuShares. Working through those is my top priority right now. I am currently responding to requests sent on 28 September. The price is 0.002 NBT per NuShare or the equivalent of 0.0021 NBT if payment is made in BTC or PPC.

Details are available here:

A short and succinct summary is here:

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