Business Ideas that feature cryptocurrencies


The cryptocurrency space provides many new ways to make business. Being already a busy man, I might not have time to realize all of my ideas myself. For that reason, I share these here and perhaps you would provide me some feedback if any of the ideas is worth actual development. We could always team up.

  1. Free Speech Browser Plugin: Takes your browser’s URL and calculates its hash. Then transforms it to a Bitcoin receiving address and searches for payments made to that address. It will scan through all the payments to that address and tries to decode them as human readable text. It will display the free speech comments on every web page you visit. This way no one can moderate your comments, ever again! Only people who have this plugin enabled are able to see the comments but nothing stops web sites themselves from displaying such comments as part of their user interface.

  2. Pictures for Bitcoin: All images on the web page exist in 2 versions: paid and not paid. Some .htaccess file would describe whether to show paid or not paid version of the image according to the IP address of the party who sent the HTTP request. The not paid versions of the images would be extremely blurred and contain a QR code and a link to a payment URL. The payment URL will contain a simple web service that takes the customer’s IP and deterministically transforms it into a address:amount payment combination. Whenever the service receives a bitcoin payment, it would restore the IP address from the address:amount combination and whitelist the IP for 4 hours. Since the user’s IP address is now whitelisted, it will see the original images instead of the blurred versions.

  3. Exchange Gambling Bot: Allows the user to gamble on cryptocurrency exchanges. The bot should run periodically and either sell all the (bit)coins or buy them all back. It would make its decision based on a quantum random number it receives as an input on every cycle.

  4. AtoMorph Image Morphing: A web service that would morph images for (bit)coins. This would be the commercial version of (my Master’s Thesis in Software Engineering).

  5. (Bit)coin Battle Ships: Provably fair Battle Ships implementation. This is essentially an escrow service that takes payments from the players and then processes their turns since the game is turn based. Initially players set the locations of their ships on the grid and send the cryptographic hashes of their game field to each other. They will start playing as a normal battle ships game is played but in the end they must send their initial ship locations to each other. Both players and the escrow service can verify whether each party has provided a correct cryptographic hash in the beginning of the game. Providing a wrong hash would result in automatic loss and the escrow money would be sent to the other player. If both of the players have provided a wrong hash or invalid initial ship locations the escrow service would keep the money because cheating and unhonesty is disallowed by the terms of service.

Let me know what you think.


BattleBits? This sounds like it would be a fun game to play.


Yes it would be pretty fun. The bitcoin gambling space is in desperate need for multi player (skill based) games. All those luck based dice games are lame and boring.

Minefield game
Place the player mines
it takes a player
"English’m less"
bir oyuncu siteye girip üye bölümünde kendi mayın tarlasını oluşturur ve beli bir nubits ilave edip yayınla der.
bir başka oyuncu gelir o mayın tarlasını satın alır -> eyer mayın tarlasını satın alan oyuncu mayınları patlatmadan oyunu tamamlarsa oyunu kazanır ve nubits ler hesabına otomatik yatırılır.


Like this one. Reminds me of the ape which beats the odds on stock markets and outperforms professionals. With some good entropy, it could be profitable :slight_smile:


@Cybnate, by now it should be generally acknowledged that quantum random numbers can be altered by the mind. If you run such a bot and publicly declare that you will donate part of its earnings to the orphans then many people start hoping that you win. Thus, your bot will more likely buy and sell on the most profitable time.


Opening of the digression:

I second that but I cannot hide my surprise.
It is the first time ever I hear a person talk about a piece of the new sciences as a fact.
Every day I am amazed by the quality of the talks among Nu community members.
It seems that such members tend to be very open minded.
I am convinced that Nu will usher us in a Nu era, a Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.
End of the digression.


Age of Aquarius indeed (being Aquarius myself :D). Cryptocurrencies fit well into this era since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus where the latter has the ability to help bring in new technologies.


“Uranus in Aquarius” --> you are talking about your sign, aquarius.
I was talking about the Age of Aquarius, that started on 21DEC12.


I know. So what? Aquarius is Aquarius. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the age of Aquarius or the sign of Aquarius since they both represent the same vibes.


Interestingly, someone has started to utilize the URI -> BTC ADDR idea I listed in OP.

The great thing about such commenting system is that it automatically fights spam because the commenter has to pay for the TX.