Bter nu pool recently how?

2016/01/24-10:27:24 DEBUG: /liquidity: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:24 ERROR: submit: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:24 DEBUG: /liquidity: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:24 ERROR: submit: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:26 DEBUG: /liquidity: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:26 ERROR: submit: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:27 DEBUG: /liquidity: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:27 ERROR: submit: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:30 DEBUG: /liquidity: socket error (10060)
2016/01/24-10:27:30 ERROR: submit: socket error (10060)
Not just bter - cny - NBT has been wrong, bter BTC - NBT is also wrong! Is evidently bter server has a problem, rejected the API access, bter now is very poor, unable to support good server! And haven’t update our community information for a long time, this is really too bad! Who can tell me if it will be the same bittrex and poloniex? Since lost a lot of bitcoins bter, its reputation is extremely low, users also rarely, we need more security exchange, Chinese players, for example: btc38, jubi and yuanbaohui, and can run nubot in b&cexchange?

I’m not having this issue. Can you access

I just updated the software like 2 weeks ago.

I’m not sure why you say I’m not communicating, I’m here every day.

Is there a specific community website you want me to be posting on? Is there a place I can do it in english, or get things translated?

I think dedege was writing about bter’s poor communication and operation in general and i agree.

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This is an error for connecting to my server not Bter’s. Was this temporary, or are you still having the problem? I can’t find anything about it in the log files, but then this error means my server isn’t seeing your client, so I wouldn’t necessarily see this in my logs.

Although this problem is occasional, but recently more and more occurrences. No other questions, thank you for your answer!

Oh, you are wrong, I mean not updated bter community dynamics, is one of the newest news of more than 300 days ago

Yes, zoro can understand what I mean, maybe automatic english-chinese translation of some difficult to understand