still a bug not fixed …

Those are two different problems. One of them originates from the price moving too swiftly and varying a lot between exchanges, and it rightly panics and deletes the orders. This usually settles down, or it kicks off the other problem.

The other issue, involving ask and bid limits, is a bug in pybot that im not going to fix. Please turn your reset_timer to 0.25 or 0.2 or so to reset every 15 min.

I don’t see orders of other LPs deleted. They should unless most orders in the order book are not nupond LPs’. After repeatedly getting the error I restarted my client and the problem was totally gone. How come if it wasn’t a local problem? You are sure ISP problem (e.g. accessing bitfinex) on my side couldn’t be the cause?

Yah sure, but if bitstamp werent out of tolerance with bitfinex you wouldnt have a problem. But yes, ultimately the problem is you’re having trouble resolving a price from bitfinex.

Sorry I am not sure how the clientworks. Can you confirm that my client must be able to access bitfinex (and bitstamp), besides the nupond server and bter, in order to work properly?

Your price feed needs to match my price feed within a window. If you cant find bitfinex and bitstamp is outside the window your client will delete orders.

As a cherry on top, sometimes when the client deletes orders like that it causes it to enter a weird state where it limits the size of your orders, sometimes to 0.5 or 1 nbt.


I notice the btc/nbt pool on bter is pretty unbalanced. If anyone wants to grab the higher buy side reward, id be happy to buy nbt off-exchange at $0.999. Up to $3500.

@Nagalim so many time out error from my client.

@mhps how about your side ?

I haven’t paid close attention but I seem to lose like 30% due to all sort of errors.

I had to send some back, but please remember that I always have something like $2500 buy and sell side liquidity to help my LPs balance the pool (buy at $0.999, sell at $1.001). Please be aware that we need to be online at the same time so patience is necessary, but the actual transaction shouldn’t take longer than ~15 minutes to close out at a market-relevant price.

I can sell nbt at $1.001. Both bter’s sell sides are empty, which means you might even be able to sell a few % over the price feed.

Server is down!

@Nagalim BTC pool is down…

“Too many files open.” I’m gonna restart the server and do manual payouts and raise the file limit and stuff. It may be like an hour or so before I’m back online.

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server down?

For some reason nud was being silly. All fixed now.

2016/02/22-8:46:00 WARNING: unable to validate request 2/2 for user XXX at exchange bter on unit btc: exception caught: No JSON object could be decoded

I think Bter’s having issues. My rejection rates are pretty high (25% or higher).

I am hardforking the price feed on the CNY pool to reduce it by 1.5%. This is because of the asymmetric fees imposed by Bter which amount to a 1.5% difference from the recorded price feed. This will be a hardfork, and updates are essentially mandatory. Make sure not to delete the skew parameter at the bottom of the pool file.

I will be switching over to the new feed in approximately 24 hours at 4am UTC March 28th.

Edit: Reminder, 3.5 hrs till switchover


this mean the price feed now is the price of OKCOIN*1.015?