Brainstorm: If crypto can reduce internet non-human traffic, the killer app?

Scrapers, hacking tools, spammers, impersonators… KILL THEM, CLEAN THE INTERNET AND GET RICH! :smile:

If we can stop them with NBT, the future is beyond imagine.

Yes, this could be a killer app.
Nu still suffers from a chicken and egg problem.
Nu needs more adoption before it can turn the parking into a killer app.
NuDroid might help here big time.

email, imessage, facebook, twiiter, all communication among people can binded with cryptos.

If you dislike spam or other interrupt, just build a 10$ barrier, eg, other people can only send you a email after paying you 10NBT, if they really want to do so, you may return back the 10$ after you confirming it’s not spam email.

A famous twitter account can clean its zombie fans by charging 1$ per month per account.

A website can set up a DDOS barrier by recieving 1$ in advance to handle any visit request.

Let’s kill 50% internet useless traffic for human being and build a milestone for internet history.


spam, DDOS, hackers…The war is going on every day, a billion market!
How much money spent on anti-spam hardware every year?

Cryptocurrency, the internet money, should earn its first pot of gold in homeland:internet, before landing real world supermarket.

Take the weapon, join the war!

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