Blockchain anomaly?

On withdrawing shareholder funds from Poloniex in order to burn them as planned, I noticed the following 2 blocks:

1,078,466 3 minutes ago 1.952 KB 3 SdLG6bWQt1ErYHG2b5oSvNtfDR4p7UEYZ1 10,520 NSR 2,000.001 NBT 213,710

1,078,465 10 minutes ago 0.568 KB 2 SdLG6bWQt1ErYHG2b5oSvNtfDR4p7UEYZ1 10,520 NSR 0 NBT 170,529

They are 7 minutes apart, which is unusual amount of time and they are minted by the same NSR address. Hope the blockchain is still healthy. Can some please comment whether this is expected behaviour or not? Not too worried about the same address used twice as I believe it can have multiple UTXO’s.