BKS Sale

He could have just bought more later after the initial sale was over.

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Due to lack of interest, I am willing to decrease the price to $1.60. Minimum bid is 2,000 BKS. If someone wants to purchase an even larger stake in B&CExchange, I can offer you 20,000 BKS for $ 25,000. Feel free to get in touch with me and we can negotiate privately. I prefer contact via bitmessage or vistomail.

Yeah, I guess only JL ever uses vistomail.

I find it odd that OP used the word “vistomail” to refer to “email”. It is almost as if it was used in that way on purpose, perhaps to lead us to come to the conclusion that SB is JL. My guess is, it is another shareholder who is part of the special group who got the best deal on BKS and, “are in a position to almost certainly take a complete loss if the project fails”.

I would like to renew this offer and lower the price to $0.70 per BKS. Up to 20,000 BKS are available. Willing to renegotiate if at least 5,000 BKS are requested.


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Given the current condition of BKS (especially the dev fund), the community (what’s left of it) and the competition I offer $0.10 per BKS. Not willing to renegotiate.
I request 10,000 BKS at that rate.

And I wonder how long it takes until a BKS sale to fund development is announced.
Or would B&C dare to put pressure on the NSR market to fund development?
Btw. what happened with the dev fund?

SSajkovCPXwdw46nyJ7vpTDkwtRZJzyY2z currently holds only 75 million NSR.


What did I miss?
Where are the over 200 million NSR?
Why have these NSR been used for minting?

@Phoenix, any explanation?

@Springbreaker, you are fleeing. The better choice is to rebrand B&C as the 1st Hayek money in this world. Are you interested in it?

If you really want to boil out, I have same offer as @ConfusedObserver, 10000BKS for $0.1each.


I will pay $0.30 for BKS in quantities more than 1000. PM me if you are interested in selling.

I’m moving my offer to purchase BlockShares (BKS) in quantities of more than 1000 up to a price of $0.70.

PM me if interested in selling your BKS for $0.70.

Have you spoken with @Springbreaker? They seem not to be here often, but send them a PM (which may cause an email notification).

@tungsten, I’d like to take you up on this offer. I have a little over 1,000 BKS to sell. However I have a problem. I can no longer get the blockchain to sync. The client was no longer working for me, so I deleted and reinstalled. Now it won’t connect to any nodes so I can’t redownload the blockchain. This means I can’t check my full BKS balance and I can’t make any transactions. Is there a block explorer still operating for B&C so I can check my balance? If I can at least check my balance to determine how many BKS I have, maybe instead of me making a transaction I can send you my BKS private key and you can use it to withdraw the BKS to another address that only you control.

@jooize is there a block explorer still available?

Version 5.0.4?

It seems I just needed to let it sit for a little bit and it started downloading. I’ll see if it works once it’s finished. I had trouble before switching to the BKS tab as the client would freeze up.

The problem was the only remaining seed node was down. It’s back now. It’s still downloading but it enables your node to reach other nodes having the complete blockchain.

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@JetJet13 http://bcblockexplorer.com appears stuck.

Tried that 2 months ago or so. Had a response, but it never came to a working explorer. I believe some work is required.

There’s work going on with an improved explorer for Nu and by compatible benefit B&C Exchange, but aren’t we paying for an operational B&C explorer? @Phoenix

Anyone willing to purchase my BKS at $1.50? ^^ @jooize? @Phoenix?

Alright, using Sigmike’s release here I was finally able to solve all my client problems and the full chain has been downloaded.

I made a test transaction and it successfully went through. I have 887.314 BKS for sale. @tungsten said about a week ago that he needed to get his client working as well, so I’m still waiting for that or for somebody else to take these off my hands.