BKS holders, it seems B&C forked

Hi BKS holders, it’s bad time for us since last year, and now every altcoin price soars but BKS has not price at all.

Are you willing to wait for death or do something?

Hm, true. @Phoenix could you please come up with a proposal to heavily dilute BKS holders and raise a couple hundred thousand dollars? Anyone here who would be willing to chime in another 10k? I would suggest that we take the raised BTC and buy large amounts of Nubits, just in case, you know? If BTC’s price drops. Maybe we should also lower the current reserve ratio within Nu. That will attract people from the market as large amounts of money will flow into buybacks and in the end, yes, in the end everybody will benefit and be happy! Or let’s put it differently: Shareholders of Nu and B&C will be happy! “Shareholders” :smiley:

Anybody still mint? @Phoenix, can you find out how many miners still at B&C blockchain?

Why do you say that?
Because 200 million NSR of the B&C fund went missing and nobody knows why, where and when?
Or because the remaining 75 million NSR are worth only little?
Is this the 200 million NSR that were stolen and the reason for one of Nu’s hard forks?

How many BTC were gathered in the B&C funding? The BTCUSD rate was close to $250 in June 2015. That means more than 1000 BTC? Was good to put all into NBT and not diversify it. Definitely saved Nu that way.

I think you are putting too much thought into this. The agenda @Phoenix follows is pretty short as the broader plan has already been executed. All BKS shareholders have been checkmated long ago. The way this whole thing will go even forbids the use of the word “option”. There is no option. @Phoenix will tell shareholders that either a few 100k dollars must be raised or the project is going to be scrubbed. Just for the record to all motherfuckers on this forum, I am going to spend another 20k dollars on B&C, but not on development. Rather, I am going to fire more bullets at you to bring this whole scam shit to an end.

It actually does have a price, though it isn’t what we would like. There is a bid of $0.30 and an ask of $0.70.

Thank you for stating the obvious.
Wanna state the less obvious, too?
Where are 200 million NSR from the B&C dev fund?
Why were the NSR used for minting, although you said they wouldn’t be used for that?

@sigmike will launch a new version to fix this problem.

Such a friendly guy, isn’t he? Keeps on loving us all and keeps on coming back here. And now we are getting even more of it. Awesome, a real asset.

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May I offer you some real assets? What about buying my BKS for $4 a piece? I have 4,500 to offer. Let me know what you think.

I can offer another 2,500 BKS bought for even more than $4/piece. Do you think I’m happy? But at some stage I stopped crying and try to make something out of a difficult, if not impossible situation. You either leave and take your losses or you try to make something out of it even if it maybe against the odds. You are wasting a lot of energy you can put into something else which make money. It is not that difficult at the moment.


You don’t make anything of this mess, if you don’t get an overview and understand what’s going on.
There’s one single person that know all that’s behind the scenes.
This very person is silent each time inconvenient questions get asked.
The staircase wit is that this person cloaks himself in rectitude alleging that I’m a bad person trying to harm Nu and B&C.

If you really want to make something out of it, fight for an overview.
Otherwise you build all on quicksand.
Don’t you wonder what happened with 200 million NSR from the B&C dev fund?
Don’t you wonder why the B&C dev fund NSR were used to mint?
If you do, why are you silent then? And if you don’t, then why is that ok for you?

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i am experiencing issues downloading the latest blocks actually.

Without knowing what has happened one can make a few assumption and work with plausible scenarios. It is clear to me that some things have not been happening according to Nu Law or B&C law /shareholders wishes. To me I don’t believe there was malicious intent with the aim of stealing the funds, just risky behaviour and trying to proof oneself and hoping on a good outcome. This clearly failed and now we are building on the ruins and trying to salvage what is left after a year. Not sure if that ever results in something worthwhile. However doing nothing or repeating questions which won’t be answered definitely doesn’t result in anything.
As said before I’m not here for just the money (already took my losses), but more for the experiment. The whole situation is part of the experiment for me. Attempts to get out of that are even more interesting and worth exploring. Only through failure you learn.

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That attitude makes it easy for @Phoenix to get away with his behavior.
I did a lot more than asking questions.
I was trying to get accounting for this mess started.
I was proposing ways to make revenue.
That nothing of it was used for the benefit of Nu was the failure of Nu, not mine. Better blame Nu and not me! But it’s easier to blame me. I respond and act responsibly.

And that’s no problem in your eyes?
He didn’t do anything bad, because it’s hard to prove he did?
Fact is: 200 million NSR are missing and the B&C dev fund was used to mint, although stated otherwise by the one where you see no malicious intent or the aim of stealing funds.
If there was no aim of stealing the funds, where are they and why does @Phoenix not have to answer for his actions if they violated terms?
But maybe he has a good explanation where the 200 million NSR went and why the dev fund was used for minting.
So far the evidence that @Phoenix is a criminal, because he violated Nu law and B&C law is bone-crushing.

For me as well. An experiment how far a dictator can go, before mutiny alters the course.
Would you rather have me shut up or do you consider me part of the experiment?

Always willing to help you become aware of some failures :wink:

where are these funds? it s indeed a good question that needs to be answered.

I’ve bought 7500BKS with 100+ BTC, are you feeling a bit better after knowing this?:yum:

Ouch! Would that you still had your BTC. Current rate over $200k.

Even if @phoenix is a criminal, we’d better work together with him to get out of trouble, we are on same boat, isn’t it?

How much money do you thing the “bad guy” will squeeze from the Nu/B&C, given that the market capital is already so low. If he has stolen hundreds of BTC from here, not worthy of staying here, because even a thief has a cost of time.

Yes, if I bought 10000BTC in 2010,…it’s not worthy of being regret, this is life.

If I successfully start Hayek project, we will overtake BTC, I bet on it with the rest of my life.

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