Bitwala (Bitcoin -> IBAN wire transfer service)

Transfers Bitcoin to IBAN. Pretty neat.
Currently only for Euro wire transactions.

I might give it a try in the next days.

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let us know how that ends up ! A friend used cashila for the same purpose so far and is satisfied with the service.

Looks fine as well. Fee is double though, compared to bitwala’s 0.5%.

I don’t find information about one of the features I like very much at;
From “Helpful Tips” (no. 5) at

If had a similar feature, you could create “flows” at for different coins that convert funds to BTC.
The BTC receive address would be the one from bitwa-la that converts the funds to fiat and sends them to the bank account.
That would be an awesome exit gateway!

Yes, that sound’s cool.

Maybe we should approach them. Offering NuBits (USD or maybe soon EURO?) as base currency removes their need for a Bitcoin -> fiat conversion service (I read they use … coinapult…? in their KB) and reduces costs for them, which can result in lower / more competitive fees.

For customers who want to withdraw to USD bank accounts NBT would indeed be the better choice.
The shapeshift “integration” would still work - just with converting it to NBT and depositing NBT at bitwala.

As the NBT(/USD,BTC) liquidity is guaranteed by Nu, bitwala might consider NBT to receive funds in addition to receiving BTC.
After you gave it a try, would you consider suggesting this improvement to their service?

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I sure can, but I would like to wait for the outcome of this motion.
Stable euro NBT might be more interesting to them, as they currently don’t seem to handle USD transactions what so ever.
If it passes, I can tell them that shareholders have decided to pursue the development of Euro-NBT from which they could profit.

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They added a lot of new base currencies recently.
USD among them.

I haven’t tried it yet, as I had questions about the fee structure which have not been answered by bitwala so far. Slow support is not really something I am looking for in a service like this.

Bitwala now offers Bitcoin -> Paypal conversion. 0.5% sender fee.