Binaries for ARMv6/RaspberryPi

First I want to say that I’m grateful for having equipped with (unofficial) ARM binaries (for testing only!) upon (my continued) request to @CoinGame.
I’m very thankful for that! But I want to ask something: are there plans to create official binaries as well in the near future?
It would be great to have something like this.
Peerbox is available as KVM virtual machine now. Peerchemist did a great job. I bet he could be convinced to create a NuBox after having fixed issues that might arise now that “Peerbox virtual machine edition” is in the wild. Maybe this would require a kind of sponsoring, but anyway:
binaries for ARMv6 would be necessary as long as Nu is closed source and I expect this to be the case for some time.

After all Nu as a Peercoin/PoS derivative is meant to be run on an energy efficient device like a RaspberryPi! With NuBox or without: official binaries would be great.
I just wanted to voice my general desire for that.
Maybe I’m alone with that desire.


Nu runs on raspi well, using about 25% CPU and RAM. I am minting 24 hrs a day. I have to write a script for voting but its no big deal.

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Is it possible to run Nu on Android device?

What kind of device do you have in mind? A mobile phone? Without knowing the tech specs I tend to say: sure.
In terms of CPU power, RAM and flash capacity: why not? A RaspberryPi is for sure nothing that can be considered a powerful computing device.

The thing is: you would be able to run it, but you aren’t able to install it; not yet :wink:

Definitely interested in official binaries from Rpi here. Would also be great to have some scripts for voting or better maybe a simple web interface to complete data fields for motions, grants and parking which feeds the scripts. I believe something like datafeeds for the wallet is underway and I suppose this would be very similar. Instead of an external datafeed, I would just have my own datafeed to the Rpi. Hope I’m making sense.

Mobile phone! please!

When running such a client on a mobile phone you need to consider that it will drain your battery quite quickly.
That is both due to preventing the CPU from going to deep sleep and the continuous data transfer.
It would reduce the “mobile” phone to a quite stationary one.

Is it possible for someone to describe the process of installing and configuring nudARMv0.5.1 on Peerbox?

Not on Peerbox, but on a generic raspi see Nu 0.5.0 is released. - MUST upgrade by Nov 7th

I want to ask for nu ARM 0.5.1 binaries. I’ll be very thankful for that!

I apologize that I was not clear enough. My question is about the GUI version.

Just got the exception below while 5.1 was syncing on raspbian. I restarted the daemon and it continues syncing now. Just wanted to give feedback.

EXCEPTION: NSt8ios_base7failureE
CDataStream::ignore() : end of data
nu in ThreadMessageHandler()

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::ios_base::failure’
what(): CDataStream::ignore() : end of data

I am also interested in a official ARM build. Counting only myself would put 3 more full nodes on the network, and we will never have enough of these.

Maybe we need to create a motion for it?

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I know everyone is pining for an official ARM build. This is another reason why I think it’s very important to continue supporting the open sourcing motion.

This way other talented developers can help us in creating all of these awesome little side projects. @peerchemist has already said he would like to integrate Nu into Peerbox, so people can support NuNet and Peercoin at the same time.

I’ve been trying to meet the requests of our community by making these ARM builds on the side, but “official” implies that we have done extensive testing on the platform. Right now our focus is Windows, Linux and OSX because they are the most common platforms people use.

A motion could certainly be put forth to have us create an official ARM build, but I think those votes would be put to better use in open sourcing the software. Until then, I will happily continue to build these unofficial ARM builds for the community with it clearly expressed that it has not been tested to the extent that our official platforms have been.

First of all, thank you for building the ARM binaries. Greatly appreciated.

Second of all, sorry for the long post.

Sure, open sourcing the software (which I currently not vote for, yet) would make life easier about this subject, but even then, I would still consider the idea of a official ARM build.

Why? Because I do not see a better way than using a cheap, isolated, low powered device like a Raspberry Pi to help with:

  • Securing the network:
    Nu shareholders can use it to generate blocks rather than using a desktop/server/vps and anyone can contribute with a new full node.
    The point here is that when you receive a block reward, it already pays itself for running the device, 40 NSR ~ 0.4 USD, RPi power consumption max 4 W so 4 W*24 h = 96 Wh max/day. With a price of 0.20 USD Kw/h, 2000W / 96W = you can power the RPi for more than 20 days!! And that is only with a single block! (Or you can save the NSR, which is way better for the network, and better for you, getting more dividends)

  • Increase the liquidity:
    A lot of people would find convenient (including myself) to run Nu and Nubot on a RPI and throw some couple NBT to it (like a kind of investment I guess?). That is what we ultimately need in the network right? Lots of all sizes Nubots with private capital, providing liquidity to the network and profiting from it. (Aside from the whole custodian subject, which I think would draw people coming from this system)

And is as secure as it can get with something like PeerBox running on it.

I think that it would bring a lot more people to these areas because running a Raspberry Pi, downloading and running the software is something almost anyone can do, and is in fact cheap, secure and profitable!

Sure you could build it yourself for ARM if it is open source, but would that mean we also stop offering 32 or 64 Linux binaries because you could also build them yourself? Of course I would not like that. Even if you are lazy to compile youself , we want you to have a full node. Even if you are only here for generating a profit, we want you to have it easy. The whole Nu network benefits in every case.

I know this is one more thing to worry about, but there is already 32 and 64 bit linux official builds. In my limited understanding, I think that no one line of code would have to be changed (I assume being the code based on peershares), same dependencies should also build without problems and given that is basically a “change of compiler” current Linux testing should be enough. Althought I somewhat sense that I am making a huge mistake with these assumptions, so please point me in the right direction.

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I believe the right direction is to open source the software so that others in the community can help work on these ancillary projects. We literally have people waiting to build things and they can’t. Open sourcing allows the NuNet ecosystem to grow and diversify without the core dev team acting as a barrier. It’s my personal opinion on the matter and I don’t speak for the rest of the team. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and agree with a number of points you’ve made. I think most of them (and many other concerns/desires) are resolved by simply allowing people to have access to the code. It addresses those issues without adding work to the dev team and we can continue to focus on more important development needs.

The motion crossed 15% today and continues to rise. Clearly it’s a controversial decision given the rate at which it’s rising, but it looks like soon enough it will pass. When it does we’ll have a NuPeerbox available for anyone to use maintained by a very talented and passionate developer. @peerchemist is already updating Peerbox to support multiple daemons.