Drafting a check-list to trigger the adoption of Open Source licence

The original discussion originated in another thread :
tl; dr Shareholders are committed to adopt open source, but many of them would like to wait until some milestones are reached.

This spin-off thread purpose is to collaboratively edit a check-list of goals to include in a motion for committing to open source adoption.

I start by proposing a checklist, totally open to ideas and suggestions. I will keep the checklist updated in this post . If we find divergence of opinions we can fork the checklist and make another one, to include in two different motions that shareholders can vote, or three, or one hundred.

Milestones for Nu Network : Check-list to OSS adoption (id#1)

(randomly order)

  1. NuBot : a. multiple-custodians per pair support; b. protection against mirror attacks; c. multiple products support (now only NBT)
  2. Custodians : 10 active LPC;
  3. Liquidity : 500.000 NBT buy liquidity
  4. Merchant Adoption : a. merchant directory ; b. merchant tools to accept NBT;
  5. Other products : An inflation-adjusted currency active for at least 1 month
  6. Tools : block-explorer improved
  7. Tools : at least one working Android NBT wallet
  8. Tools : the reporting tool for custodians
  9. Tools : website with stats about the network online
  10. Media : a video explaining NuBits
  11. Media coverage : a) at least two major crypto news-site article b) at least one major non-crypto news-site article about us
  12. Community : 1000 users registered on discourse
  13. Development Process : Design an open source governance model driven by shareholders
  14. Exchanges : NBT traded on 6 exchange (1 major exchange)
  15. NuShares : at least 70% of total shares are distributed
  16. Nu Client : a) data feeds implemented c) all major bugs known to date fixed c) … (need help here on people aware of the dev roadmap)

Please feel free to add, remove or edit item and explain why .

Many of the quantitative values are pretty rough and I just wanted to put it there as an example. I also realise that we (may) need a marketing goal in that list, and I live it to @tomjoad .

This is also a first draft of a roadmap that shows where Nu is headed, but its likely distorted through my personal lens. Thank goodness we have motions.


Thanks @desrever That’s a very good start.
My initial feeling is that we should categorise the milestones into must have, should have and nice to have. There’s a few things in the which I feel aren’t crucial for Open sourcing the code. 1000 users on the forum is one, I’d hate to delay th eOpen Sourcing of the code because we only have 998 users (admittedly, at that point I would be tempted to sign up some dummy accounts, but the point remains).

I’ll draft some categorisations of your milestones and post back here when done.

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by definition, a checklist is binary : an item is either checked or unchecked . As you said, with 999 users on the forum we cannot open source the code accordingly to the check-list above.

Those kind of category you refer to are probably good for a future roadmap (or motion map as @CoinGame intended) .

The 1000 users registered is a random metric to view the health of our community, and it can also stimulate (read force) growth if we push into the list. It could be also measured by number of posts, interactions, tags, followers, likes, or using coingecko metric. =)

Although this might make the whole concept too complicated, giving each of the milestones a value would allow to define a level at which an open source license could be adopted.

A kind of weighted list would be the result.
The most important milestones would be given a weight that required at least all of those to be reached before the mission could be considered accomplished.

But then again, we had to argue about a weight in addition to the elements on the list.
Anyway I wanted to share that thought…