Best practices for documenting motions and custodial grants, after Daology

Until it closed recently, had been the place pretty much everyone in Nu and B&C agreed to use to manage motion and custodial grant content. It seems like it would be healthy to discuss how we should manage motion and custodial grant content going forward.

In the past, before Daology, @woolly_sammoth had provided an assistant that helped document motions and custodial grants right here on the forum. Does it make sense to revive this? Perhaps we could pay @woolly_sammoth to maintain it, similar to how we compensate him for NuBot development.

I am aware @jooize exported the Daology data to GitHub (please document the location of that for us here please @jooize). Should we be considering using GitHub? Better yet, might it make sense to alter @woolly_sammoth’s assistant to write to a GitHub repository? How much development would that require?

I am curious to see the recommendation of @woolly_sammoth, @jooize and others.

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I originally retired the Assistant bot as changes to the forum software meant it was unable to listen for mentions to which it should respond.
The original issue was that different hashes could be generated from the same motion text. This was caused by things like the different line ending characters used on Windows and Linux, or whether or not the text used escaped html when being hashed.
I think it makes sense to have a standardised way to hash and verify motion data as then everyone can independently verify the motion text. I did like the github aspect of too as it captures the history of the motion text.
I can certainly look into renovating the assistant bot. I’ll see if I can restore the original functionality as being able to call it from the forum was useful and its been a while since I looked at the forum api so it may have changed.
I’ll also take a look at saving to and displaying data from a github repository or gist as that could be a valid addition.