Been Trying to Download Blockchain

been trying for days it keeps stopping and starting still 80,000 to go.Any tips guys to a newbie here

Platform, version, specs, logs, you have to give us something…

Thanks guys but found away to get it downloaded but thank you

What was the problem? How did you fix it?

It was just really slow and sticky and it took ages but finally got it thanks

Got to know. Welcome aboard! :dancebanana:

Thanks Glad to be aboard bought my first nubits and nushares last night


Sorry for sounding like you mom or dad (no, they wouldn’t ask that…):
you have made backups of your wallets/private keys in some way?
I don’t know how familiar you are with crypto coin stuff. I could suppose you have some experience, because otherwise you wouldn’t have found Nu.
But I’d rather make a fool of myself asking that question than being the smartass telling you that you should have made a backup if you complain about a broken hard disk :wink:

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i am a complete newbie to crypto but yes i have backed up my wallet but not private keys never seen any
Found Nu when looking to get into crypto apart from the usual Bitcoin

encrypting and sufficiently backing up your wallet is enough to ensure that you will always have your coins and no one else will. Just remember your encryption password!

Who maintains the block explorer ? is it under contract.?

We currently have 2 block explorers: (maintained by @Ben and @JetJet13) and (maintained by - I’m not 100% sure about this - @woolly_sammoth and @Cybnate).

Only the first is linked on the Nu website. It’s the main block explorer with a lot of Nu related features (like inspecting motions and grants). The second one is a byproduct of NuDroid, but also able to dig for addresses, etc.

Thanks for the info,I am just trying to find out as much as possible about the Nu Network

Also That one is used by Coinpayments to accept NuBits payments.

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