B&C V6.1.0 is released (not official)

Linux binary is here:

said by @sigmike:

For example we could announce the release publicly and at first only publish the binaries and announce an exact later time for the source code release. Shareholders trusting us (or me, actually) would install the binaries and reduce the risk. Others could wait for the source code release but would have to plan to upgrade quickly to reduce the risk of the flaw being exploited (unless enough shareholders installed the binaries).

Note that with the gitian process it is possible to verify after the source code release that the binaries I provided were built from the same source code.

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Anyone minting with V6.1.0 please vote for this motion so that we can assure new version has enough hashrate.


You can get this code with text “V6.1.0”.


Sabreiib, I know you as a trusted member but I prefer to hear some words and SHA-256 hash from @sigmike before install the new binaries.

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@sigmike’s comment is welcome. And anyone has windows version please upload it or send it to me because you didn’t download it.

I’ve uploaded the binaries to Bitbucket:


dc213d4e3881514fbfbb2144c4e179bc81ae9139a003e185de12ee365264dc98  bcexchange-6.1.0-linux-gitian.zip
108050c37db9bb96b978941a30f090dcd0286610c6324f282a1ed161c7faa3b9  bcexchange-6.1.0-win-gitian.zip

@sigmike, the motion indicating V6.1.0 hash rate is of more than 50%. Let’s upgrade!