B&C Exchange needs people to host seed nodes

It appears the only seed node on the B&C Exchange network is being run by sigmike. We ought to have at least one other. I would like to solicit offers from the community to do this for a fee. Out of fairness, I will offer sigmike the same fee.

Providing a seed node is quite simple. The requirements are that you have a permanent, static IP address so it can be hard coded in our source code in the next release, and in the .conf file before the next release. You will need to set server=1 in your config file, which means you will be serving the blockchain to other nodes, instead of just the blocks you mint. Practically speaking, you will need to run this on Linux. Given the decentralized nature of the network, 99% up time is probably sufficient. We want you to commit to it long term, preferably at least a year.

If interested, please reply indicating what you would charge and how long you are willing to commit to keep the seed node up. I’ll pick who does this (I expect it to be a modest expenditure), unless there seems to be a consensus from shareholders to have a direct vote about it. In that case, candidates will need to submit a motion proposing a contract to shareholders and then we will vote. I will disburse funds according to the terms of any passed motion.


500USD for 12 months

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I started one, let me know if it shows up on the network. I’m not interested in getting paid, but I will probably not have 99% up time. I will just check every few days if it’s still running.

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Anyone ever wonder why thes chieftan himself cant be bothered to even run a node?

Thanks @Winter. Hopefully we will have more people like you step up.

What is the IP address so other nodes can place it in their .conf file and try to connect to it at startup? Is it or

It appears other nodes are indeed connecting to it.


I was wondering, why not use some kind of dyndns forward? like idk,… seed1.bcexchange.org , if the ip changes only the forward has to be changed , some other problems come with that?

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How do you know his IP?

I have no static IP, otherwise I’ll try.

Just started hosting a seed node using some redundant CPU/memory. It reports 15 peers right now. It uses about 1CPU/1Gb memory on a larger cloud server. Good to offer a sustained service for 200 NBT/year with at least weekly monitoring and Supervisor.

Can also run a Nu node on it. Together 250 NBT/year.


it keeps crashing on windows
initial syncing works fine, when close Nu and start it again it will crash after a short while.
some problem with ntdll.pdb idk RtlpLowFragHeapAllocFromContext(void)


I’m interested. What does everyone think? Perhaps a few formalities should be addressed (like a contract?). Also, it isn’t clear funding a Nu seed node is within my proper duties, which are only clearly defined as having a scope within liquidity operations. On the other hand, I would like to make positive contributions like this simple and easy. Thoughts everyone?

i could also run seed node on b&c exchange daemon on nuexplorer.ddns.net without paying for extra server, just by putting more ram into it. that would bring the cost down to 200 USD.

not sure if that’s ok for nu, but since they are so intertwined nowadays it probably won’t hurt.

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I plan to take you up on this as soon as the motion authorizing me to do it passes, which is on track to pass in a few days.

Thanks @Cybnate.

which motion are you referring to? i can’t find it. how many nodes are you planning to fund?

This one.[quote=“backpacker, post:14, topic:4808”]
how many nodes are you planning to fund?

With @Winter’s and @Cybnate’s node, we probably aren’t in desperate enough need to pay $500 for year.

some issue here on a dedicated windows server. The NU clients runs wihout problem.

@sigmike any chance you could investigate the widespread reports that the B&C client doesn’t run on Windows or OS X please? B&C needs to support Windows and OS X, the two most popular operating systems.

i got the error following message, end then the BC client force closed:

EXCEPTION: 11DbException
Db::put: Invalid argument
C:\Program Files (x86)\BCExchange\bcexchange.exe in ProcessMessage()

my linux client is dead.

Running with 7 connections on Ubuntu Linux. No problems with that.

Edit: on my seed there are currently 18 connections. Feel free to add: in your config file.