B&C Exchange needs people to host seed nodes


i should probably upgrad my laptop.


I had a closer look and see some potential issues with the peers I’m connected to which appear to be behind. Maybe that is just the peers communication not updated, I hope there is not an accidental fork here:

My client shows:

“version” : “v5.0.1-beta”,
“protocolversion” : “5.0”,
“walletversion” : 1,
“walletunit” : “8”,
“balance” :
“newmint” : 0.0,
“stake” :
“parked” : 0.0,
“blocks” : 801355,
“moneysupply” : 192009.7345,
“connections” : 6,
“proxy” : “”,
“ip” : “”,
“difficulty” : 0.00048934,
“testnet” : false,
“keypoololdest” : 1439374527,
“keypoolsize” : 251,
“paytxfee” : 0.01,
“unlocked_until” : 0,
“errors” : “”

See the differences in the block height. @sigmike any reason for concern from your perspective?

“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554731,
“lastrecv” : 1484554731,
“conntime” : 1482909244,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.1/B&C Exchange:5.0.1(v5.0.1-beta)/”,
“inbound” : false,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 775146,
“banscore” : 0
“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554732,
“lastrecv” : 1484554497,
“conntime” : 1482911502,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.2/B&C Exchange:5.0.2(v5.0.2-dirty-beta)/”,
“inbound” : true,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 775189,
“banscore” : 0
“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554682,
“lastrecv” : 1484554731,
“conntime” : 1483064604,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.1/B&C Exchange:5.0.1(v5.0.1-beta)/”,
“inbound” : true,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 777256,
“banscore” : 0
“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554732,
“lastrecv” : 1484554732,
“conntime” : 1483289488,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.1/B&C Exchange:5.0.1(v5.0.1-beta)/”,
“inbound” : true,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 780855,
“banscore” : 0
“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554682,
“lastrecv” : 1484554731,
“conntime” : 1483790950,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.1/B&C Exchange:5.0.1(v5.0.1-beta)/”,
“inbound” : false,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 788891,
“banscore” : 0
“addr” : “”,
“services” : “00000001”,
“lastsend” : 1484554733,
“lastrecv” : 1484554733,
“conntime” : 1484483180,
“version” : 5000000,
“subver” : “/Siglee:5.0.1/B&C Exchange:5.0.1(v5.0.1-beta)/”,
“inbound” : true,
“releasetime” : 0,
“height” : 800124,
“banscore” : 0

Edit: Trying to spin off a new client also appears to create a problem. The client utilises 100% of CPU but there is no way to connect to it (“no response from server” using getinfo). It appears to be locked up in some kind of initialisation.
Need more time to find out what might be going on. The logs show a few disconnects etc.

The log tells me that it tries to connect to a few clients and once it connects it closes the socket which I believe is not expected behaviour. This seems to repeat. Hope this helps e.g. sigmike or someone else to find out what might be the issue here, if anything.

Will leave it running for next 24h and see what happens…


Sorry for the delay. The motion granting me authority to pay for this kind of service just passed in the last day.

I would like to take you up on this offer @Cybnate. B&C Exchange will pay you 125 US-NBT and Nu will pay an additional 125 US-NBT to have you host both B&C and Nu seed nodes for one year at IP address

If you are still up to doing this, just post or PM me a US-NBT address you would like to receive payment at. Thank you for your support of these networks, @Cybnate.


I’m still good for that but still not satisfied with how bcexchanged daemon runs at my proposed seed. Please give me a few days until I’m convinced I can get things stable for at least a few days in a row.
The memory requirements are 1Gb but with 200% CPU (2 CPUs) when restarting the bcexchange daemon which appears to settle after up to 24 hours. The issue is that the daemon also refuses to even answer a simple ‘getinfo’ during that time. Very strange.

It did run and it was rersponding to getinfo etc. after that time, but after a restart I’m finding myself in the same position. 100% CPU and locked. Could have been the exiting method, but need more diagnoses. Have now fully transferred bcexchange under ‘supervisorctl’. Might wait another 24h to get it stable again and then see again whether I can safely start and stop the daemon without jumping into 100% CPU and lack of response.


Finally got it stable. Nu needs a lot of memory (RAM). And B&C node also looks for 1Gb. I couldn’t get both stable on a 2Gb VPS, not even with virtual memory. The disk I/O and subsequently the CPU went crazy. Now with 4Gb both are running stable and there is still some space to add other nodes. I think the memory requirements of both blockchains should be reviewed rather sooner than later as it would become expensive for users and shareholders to run those chains as they appear to be growing with the size of the blockchain. Not great for adoption.

For comparison, Bitcoin Classic runs on 1,2 Gb, Peerunity on 150Mb !

@Phoenix, my address is BB4zs25JG8Bz5NacsCEnSQNNAacvFHunh5
I consider the payment date as the start of the contract for the hosting of the Nu and B&C nodes on


My PC has 16GB ram, but the CPU usage is high. B&C minting is not suitable for Raspberry, except for small share holders. I successfully installed clang compiler on jailbroken ios device, and can compile most C++ souce code with boost liabrary support. But I’m stopped by Berkely Data base installation.

x86 hardware is rubbish at SHA-2 peformance, it seems ARM has hardware accelaration for SHA:

Apple A9 @ 1.85 GHz,single thread SHA-2: 3775
Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.71 GHz,single thread SHA-2: 4131


NU/B&C is single thread SHA-2 calculation. If we compile nud or bcexhanged on second hand ios devices, or launch APP on app store, the cheap old phones can do this work quite good.


still no solution regarding this issue?..


I would say it is solved. @Cybnate and @Winter are running B&C full nodes. More nodes are better, but this is adequate.


why isn’t BKS NBT NSR listed on https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market


do I get a commission :stuck_out_tongue: actually we can add them easy on a monthly basis I need this info for each coin

network type:
currency website:
Block explore Link:
source code link:
launch forum thread

and all extra information description ect


with the going rate with best package with 10k it would be possible for listing the 4 currency for 23 months


How much is needed to list them on B&C for ever?


good question but for now I would settle for a BKS listing on a big exchange like poloniex or https://www.cryptopia.co.nz


Looks like a good website from New Zealand.


works with the latest release :slight_smile:


im ready when you guys are to list the coins on the site mention above it cost 0.12 btc per coin for one month if you think its not worth its ok with me but we should at least get BKS on there if you have founds you can do it your self if you need the purchase link for the exchange listing let me know

info needed for listing each coins

name: B&C BlockShares
ticker: BKS
Algorithm: <- required
network type: <- required
currency website: https://bcexchange.org/ working
Block explore Link: https://bcblockexplorer.com/ appears down
source code link: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/bcexchange/src
launch forum thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1033773.0

and all extra information description ect

B&C Exchange, short for ​Blocks & Chains Decentralized Exchange, aims to be the Reddit of cryptoasset exchanges – simple, reputation-based, and easily accessible to everyone regardless of geographic location.

It will be developed by the same established team that has directed Peercoin and NuBits development, a group that includes well-known cryptocurrency experts such as Jordan Lee, sigmike and eramospunk. The experienced team of over ten contributors has successfully led three prior projects (Peercoin, NuBits, NuShares) into the top twenty-five assets by market cap on coinmarketcap.com.

The Basics:
B&C Exchange will be an open-source decentralized exchange that completes cryptocurrency trades between users by utilizing multisig signers that compete for blockchain rewards based on their effectiveness and honesty. Trades will occur using real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and NuBits, as opposed to artificial proxy cryptoassets like those found in Nxt or BitShares.

A web based interface that will be familiar to users of centralized cryptoasset exchanges will be offered. Unlike centralized exchange websites, exchange operators will have zero access to funds and zero responsibility for customer account information. If an exchange website disappears suddenly, a user can simply go to another site that uses the same open source exchange software, or use another application that supports B&C Exchange and continue using the same account without interruption. This is because all account information will be stored on the blockchain, as the attached design document explains.

Equity ownership in B&C Exchange will be held by users who own “BlockShares (BKS)”. Users will pay transaction fees on the exchange with “BlockCredits (BKC)”. You will not need to own BlockShares to use BlockCredits, and vice versa. Profits from the sale of BlockCredits will be returned to BlockShares holders through a Bitcoin dividend mechanism in the protocol.

B&C Exchange will be fully controlled by everyone who owns ​BlockShares. For example, BlockShares holders can set the transaction fee cost (in BlockCredits) of using B&C Exchange, the number of multi-sig signers required to successfully conduct a trade (such as 7 out of 11 or 8 out of 15), and much more. It is expected that if B&C Exchange is successful, many BlockCredits will be purchased to transact on the exchange, and thus many Bitcoin dividends would be returned to BlockShares holders as a reward for operating a safe and convenient exchange.

In contrast to centralized exchanges, B&C Exchange will have:

  • Significantly less counterparty and theft risk because of the multi-sig capabilities of its design.

  • Far fewer operating expenses due to the absence of costs like employee salaries, supplies, and rent.

  • Lower trading fees for users if BlockShares holders choose to vote for competitive low transaction fees.

  • The ability to distribute Bitcoin dividends to all BlockShares holders from profits earned, using an existing dividend protocol mechanism present in the code of NuBits and NuShares.

B&C Exchange will also use NuBits to solve a major problem faced by decentralized exchanges – the inability to use stable fiat money. NuBits have closely held a 1.00 USD peg since September of 2014 and will be offered on B&C Exchange trading pairs as a synthetic substitute for US dollars. Because NuBits is a fork of Bitcoin and Peercoin, using NuBits will be a familiar experience for Bitcoin users. Substantial liquidity will be brought to the exchange through NuBit liquidity operations that have already been established.


B&C Exchange will be the trading platform where cryptocurrency trades are conducted. It is the primary trade name of the decentralized exchange.

BlockShares (BKS) are crypto-based equity in the B&C Exchange project. Owning BlockShares allows a user to receive blockchain-distributed dividends (paid in Bitcoin), from sales of BlockCredits. If you would like to see an example of a successful dividend distribution, you can see proof of a blockchain dividend paid to shareholders on the Nu network. It is expected that owning BlockShares will also allow a user to decide through blockchain voting many different operational functions of B&C Exchange, including the amount of BlockCredit transaction fees charged per trade.

BlockCredits (BKC) are the transactional tokens used on B&C Exchange to pay for trades. It is expected they will be sold for 1.00 USD per BKC by elected custodians. Similar to long-distance phone credits or postage stamps, no promises of future value will exist for BlockCredits. Paying for a BlockCredit simply entitles a user to conduct a certain amount of transactions on the B&C Exchange while it is operational. The amount of transactions that 1.00 BKC can complete depends on the amount of transaction fees required by the network as determined by BlockShares holders.

Broad Disclaimer:

NuShare ownership grants the holder the ability to make financial decisions for the Nu network. By extension, BlockShare ownership grants the holder the ability to make decisions for the B&C Exchange network. This means that our fundraising was not a public IPO for a security; rather, it was an additional equity funding round for membership within a global distributed autonomous organization (DAO). To date, NuShares have provided DAO equity to users who act like managers to collectively make blockchain-based financial decisions about the Nu network through functions like custodial grants, parking rate votes, and motions. B&C Exchange will be a similar DAO with no national affiliation and no corporate structure or governance, instead relying on collaborative decision making through blockchain consensus. All BlockShareholders act as managers of their network, with no one shareholder having the ability to make a unilateral decision.

No price guarantees will ever be made about the future value of BlockShares and it would be unethical for us to do so. Interested parties only purchased BlockShares if they were fully aware of the risks of developing a new technology like B&C Exchange - up to and including a failure to create a working platform - and if they were comfortable with the existing online reputations and credibility established by B&C Exchange developers on past projects like Peercoin, NuBits, and NuShares.



so how do how do i proceed do i ask for a grants or something? in NBT/NSR or btc to an address

cryptopia BTC:

Polo NSR:


once the founds are deposited ill start the listing process if nubits have the founds
and prefer doing it them selves its fine i can provide the information thx


@NubitGuy I love what you are doing here. I hope to see more of you. @jooize has been in contact with Cryptopia, so I would like him to coordinate with you regarding that.


Thanks a lot for the discovery of Cryptopia! It’s just what we need. I’m unsure of the possibility or legality of a reward. I paid for BTC/US-NBT and NSR/BTC pairs on behalf of Nu a week ago. I’m awaiting funds to apply for a BKS/BTC pair for B&C Exchange.

We need a B&C Exchange block explorer running to be listed. https://bcblockexplorer.com is down. That’s something you can get paid for running. Instructions and the software are available at GitHub. See what if would cost to run, and propose a maintenance fee.

Is there any other B&C Exchange block explorer available?

Cryptopia listings are permanent unless any of the criteria below are broken, according to their support.

As long as the network has active nodes it will remain listed.

Delist Reasons:

  1. Broken Blockchain
  2. Blockchain rollbacks
  3. Coinswaps

Can @staff break out these posts to a thread called “List BlockShares at Cryptopia” or the like? Probably best with this post as OP.


Given the database and architecture I think you’ll need a $80/month VPS. You will also need to understand Mongo database as it is based on that as far as I know. There are threads about this if you dig a bit deeper. It is out of my technical support knowledge. Databases beyond mySQL are not my strength.

Is there something you are waiting for I missed or is it still on your to do list? The nodes are up and running for almost 3 weeks by now.