B&C Exchange is hiring another C++ developer

We are hiring an additional C++ developer to move our completion date closer.

The Senior C++ developer will be contributing to the B&C Exchange core client, intended for use by B&C shareholders and reputed signers. The code is open-source and can be viewed here. You may wish to take a look at the design document that will define the work you will do.

Experience in C++, Qt, blockchain development, development related to peer to peer currencies, experience trading financial assets, developing trading software and experience working with a distributed team from home are all desirable attributes.

Compensation will be hourly, ranging from 50 NuBits (USD) to 100 NuBits (USD), depending on experience. The position will last at least until the specifications in the design document are complete, which will be at least a few months. Depending on the success of the project, additional funding may be available to continue work after the initial implementation is complete. You will be working sigmike, John Jegutanis and myself.

Demonstration of competence, motivation and trustworthiness are paramount concerns to me in hiring for this position. Nothing else really matters. It isn’t important what your real name is, what country or time zone you live in, or when you work. Most likely, successful candidates will be able to demonstrate their passion for developing peer to peer financial solutions with past work.

If you are interested, please contact Jordan Lee by email at jlee@vistomail.com or by Bitmessage at BM-2cXS5ezep1jUqeu8CwC6M4aTmMSxcFEHNN


Good news, extra hands means faster development. Will see if i can think of suitable places to post this job opening for extra visibility. Hoping another talented developer joins the team!

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1033773.msg12386965#msg12386965

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BC_Exchange/status/642154273657257984

/r/cryptocurrency: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/3khli5/bc_exchange_is_hiring_another_c_developer/

/r/Jobs4Bitcoins: https://www.reddit.com/r/Jobs4Bitcoins/comments/3khlvq/for_hire_bc_exchange_is_hiring_a_c_developer/

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I posted it in r/peercoin as well and posted a comment in each of the Reddit threads about the team…


This is not outdated. We are still actively looking to fill this.

Perhaps you should start proposing referrals fees, if needed. I remember @Sentinelrv helped you find a developer or a designer for Peershares development project back in May or Jun 2014 if I recall correctly.

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Well, I have posted this already on Peercoin’s Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. I doubt you’re going to find somebody in that community though, as most there seem to rely on Sunny King for development, with the exception of people like Mably and FuzzyBear. It was also advertised through r/cryptocurrency and the post had a lot of upvotes. I’m surprised someone hasn’t stepped forward yet. Where else can we find competent developers? Or should we repost that the position is still available?

That’s probably a multi million dollar market :frowning:

Try also https://coinality.com/ , Angelist.co or http://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer .

EDIT: here a more comprehensive list for remote-contracting freelancers

  1. Angel List Job Type -> Remote OK
  2. Authentic Jobs
  3. Careers Stackoverflow
  4. Dribbble Jobs
  5. Flexjobs
  6. Front-end Developer Jobs View as table, then sort by performed
  7. Golangprojects filter -> Remote only
  8. Guru - (has MANY different categories outside software)
  9. Hasjob Location filter -> “Anywhere/Remote
  10. HN hiring filter REMOTE
  11. Landing.jobs filter -> Remote only
  12. Jobmote
  13. Jobspresso * High-quality remote positions that are open and legitimate *
  14. Jobs Remotely Jobs + Resumes
  15. No Fluff Jobs filter -> “remote
  16. Nomad Jobs
  17. Remote Coder
  18. Remote OK - scrapes many job board feeds for remote positions
  19. [RemoteWorkHunt] (http://www.remoteworkhunt.com/)
  20. Remotive Jobs
  21. Virtual Vocations
  22. WFH.io
  23. Working Nomads
  24. Github Jobs - Location filter -> “Anywhere/Remote
  25. We Work Remotely
  26. Offsite Careers
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We’ve used some external sites in the past, but the problem is that all the candidates didn’t have the required knowledge/expertise with cryptocurrencies. It’s a development position that will likely be filled by someone who has already worked on crypto projects before.

I believe the most effective approach would be to contact developers who are active in other coins’ open source code repositories. I’m planning on doing this soon, but if someone feels inspired to, please go ahead and let me know.

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Where are you thinking? Ethereum developers? I imagine that’s where a lot of the action is right now.

emeth? the developer for peermessage.

That’s a good idea. I shot him an email about this.

any update? what emeth said?

This is no longer pinned. Does that mean someone was found?

I sent him an email, but didn’t hear anything back. I’m not sure if he got the message or not.

This position is still very much open and in need of being filled.

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i can’t believe you cannot find one! i will notify storj slack where 2000+ people are in :wink:

Today I made another post in a local community board, + someone should really copypaste to HN october’s thread https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10311580 (please follow the netiquette or you’ll get downvoted right away)